From Faygo Soda Bottle to ➡️ Indoor Garden Drip System 💧

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Hello Everyone,

Today I converted a Faygo soda bottle into an indoor garden drip system!


It took a few more components than just a Faygo bottle. Also needed is some 1/4 inch tubing and some 3D printed components.

I will be making a @print3dpro post probably tomorrow outlining all of the necessary 3D .stl files needed to complete this. These components are not from one single design, but rather from a collection of different designs on



My goal was to mount this inside of the Vivosun tent on the pole system somehow..


I found this bracket that wasn't a perfect fit. After a couple of measurements I had to scale to 61% for this model to fit. The screw holes also scaled down, but luck had it that I had some screws laying around that happened to fit perfectly for a compression clamping.

If there is any wonder why I put hot glue on the end of the screw, it is to minimize the possibility of tearing my tent with a sharp object that will be right in the corner. A little preventative maintenance we will call it.


For this to work, I would either need to modify designs or create my own, but I didn't want to. At least not yet.. I want to ensure this system will be adequate, and if it works out great then I will work out a better bracket solution for this in the future. For now it works just as intended.


The main bottle holder design is actually for a hamster water bottle lol... but it works great for this set up!


The water bottle cap is from an entirely different design, but the fit was spot on without any need for design scaling.




It's gravity fed and a valve controls the drip flow.


I find the valve to be super impressive. It's a very good design and works perfectly. It's easy to fine tune the flow with this but does require some strength in the fingers to turn it. It feels as though adjusting gets a little easier as the PLA (biodegradable plastic compound) breaks in.

That's pretty much it for the drip system.

For attribution purposes here are the links to the 3D files utilized:


I'm maintaining 50% humidity with the homemade humidifier currently. During lights out I do not maintain the humidity, because it would expose the plants to some light and I don't think it's that critical for half of the hours. The twelve hours the lights are on I tend the humidifier, which requires adding water about one time per hour.






That will do it for today.

What do you ladies and gentlemen think of this indoor garden drip system? I would love to read what you all think about it!

Your time is a valuable commodity, and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone. I appreciate all of the amazing engagement and support!

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


You should check out making a post on the @hivelist classifieds using the #forsale tag if you are going to be making more of these! They are super cool! You should also look at starting a store on the Hivelist Store

Thank you so much for the kind words and support!

Yes I am planning to make more of these, as well as a myriad of other gardening items and practical use prints, and intend to start a store on Hivelist!

I'm projecting it will take me about two months before I'm ready to start, mostly because I am in the process of moving at the moment, but during this time I'm going to be working on building up a stock of things to list for sale.

Thanks again, I feel honored to get a recommendation like this from the Hive community!

That's an interesting idea. I thought I saw this kind of feeding bottle in a hamster cage, but never though of using it to water the plant!

On an unrelated note


I particularly like this part of the photo!

Thanks so much bro!
The design for the bracket is indeed actually for a hamster cage haha 😄 Hope all has been well with you.

I think that when I make some room, this will be one of the first projects I undertake.


Thank you! I would love to see what kind of plants you would grow :)

If there is any wonder why I put hot glue on the end of the screw, it is to minimize the possibility of tearing my tent with a sharp object that will be right in the corner. A little preventative maintenance we will call it

This is such a simple and smart idea! This is a tip I will use for other household needs. In the past I would get tape to cover a sharp protruding object which worked well enough, but the idea of using a hot glue gun to cover the sharp object never occurred to me before. My hot glue gun has been gathering dust, so no you've given me a reason to put it back to work. Thanks!

Thank you my friend! I'm so happy you found something useful that you'll be able to implement into your life from my post, that's a very nice compliment!

I have a serious glue gun addiction, I actively think about uses for it as an excuse to fire it up and start squeezing that glue gun trigger, some parts of my 3D printer are even hot glued together. Just imagine what my stock of glue sticks must look like.

I hope your new year has been off to a great start and everything is well for you! Thank you for the kind words and support @epodcaster!

LOL. I found two hot glue guns in my house! They are both simple craft type glue guns. One uses the smaller glue sticks and the other a slightly larger glue sticks. I was surprised to discover a stock of both sizes. I don't even remember the last time I used them. They both look like they are ready for action though. Will fire them up and see what happens.

Wishing you well for a wonderful new year. Cheers!

Thats a very nifty thingy that you made to keep the babies nicely watered.. fair play to you!!

Thank you kindly, it's been working great! :)

This is such a smart idea, you could do one bottle a plant in each corner. Maybe want to make sure tent can handle it

Thanks a lot man! It's working out really good too :)

I think the tent could handle it just fine but it would be tough to access the back corners for water refills. Tonight I'm working on a second unit and will just utilize two corners for now, which works out nice because I only have the two plants at the moment.

There's also the option of adding splitters and extra water lines and valves so that I could feed multiple plants from a single water source.

A system like this would be good for your set up with a Rubbermaid container as the water source. I don't think a small bottle would cut it.

Ah nice, The splitter would be great. Would work for multiple plants for sure.

I am not sure how I could do a auto system. I also kind of like watering lets me check out everything.

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Beyond cool! You will have to set up some type of custom order store or something. A drip system would be cool, but for my size i probably need a 5 gallon bucket, which is something I do not really want to have lying around. But I may be downsizing soon.

Thanks so much bro!

I'm thinking about getting set up on Hivelist after I move to sell gardening supplies and/or requested 3D printed items.

What's cool about something like this, is I could put together a "everything included" package. Where all a grower needs to do is just slap this baby in a tent and put some water in the bottle. I'll even send the empty bottle! haha.

You would definitely need something bigger bro.. This is a cool design to feed 1 plant per bottle, but certainly would not be significant for a bunch of plants.

Now you have me thinking... A gravity fed drip system utilizing a Rubbermaid container would be dope..

But I may be downsizing soon.

That's not something often said by cannabis growers lol.


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