Dedicated Flowering Tent - Dedicated Vegetation Room

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Hello Everyone,

I've been loving the new Phlizon LED light in my grow tent, but a couple of problems have presented themselves regarding the set up I had going on.

The primary issue is the Phlizon has proven to be a bit intense for vegetative growth in this small 24"x 24"x 36" grow area.

The plants were becoming light burned while running this light at max power for the past couple of days.

First I'll show the old light arrangement with the new light added.

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The experienced cannabis grower will probably immediately pick up on the much lower orientation of the lamps. This will prove to be problematic in the future, and is the second issue and reason for changing up the light structure of the tent.

Here is the new solution:


I've decided to swap out the bulb style LED's for the less powerful blue/purple LED panels. Although this may be less desirable during flowering stage, it achieves two things:

  1. Provides an even light canopy for the small tent.
  2. Makes it possible for me to have an adequate dedicated vegetation room.

Although this decision might seem like an easy one to make, it was not , but I think it was the correct decision.

Let's view the orientation of the lights and plants at a distance.


Here we see the plants have a proper distance from the LED's, and the light canopy is not only perfectly flush, but also takes up nearly the entire roof of the tent, with the strongest of the LED's directly in the center. I think this is an ideal set up and there should be no need for light upgrading in this small tent. Any light upgrades will be for new grow areas and I'm pretty much considering this tent a complete adequate set up unless problems present themselves in the future.

Once these plants reach flowering stage, I will kick the timer on to 12/12 light cycle and will keep this as a flowering tent, making it possible to move plants from the vegetation room and have a decrease in wait times between harvests.

Let's take a look at the vegetation room, and then we'll look at the plants.



These round lamp style LED lights cost less than twenty dollars per bulb and are well worth the price. They have been very good to me and I'm sure this space will make an adequate vegetation room, which is actually just a small closet, but ample space for cannabis vegetation growth.

I'm also planning to grow some micro greens in here and even designed my own micro greens planter pots that I'm 3D printing right now and will be making a post on that within the next couple of days on @print3dpro.

I have a bunch of 3D printed stacking containers that I can utilize in raising certain plants, which can be seen in the photo above with the succulents.

Let's have a look at the plants in the vegetation room currently, and then we'll end the the post with the cannabis photos.


It looks so bright because I raised the exposure before taking this photo, to help bring out the vibrant green in these green onions. They indeed are very healthy but the camera doesn't show it very well unless I turn up the exposure. I replanted these from the grocery store and have already harvested three clippings of green onions. They absolutely love the new Happy Frog soil, which is a great indicator that the cannabis will love it as well.





The succulents are in the old Pro Mix coir medium and doing pretty good. I see no reason to disturb them.

Now for the cannabis photos.


First I would like to brag a little and say that I have a pretty much perfect temperature and humidity level with the homemade humidifier. Without it the humidity would be reading about 30%.


Can the canna pros see the light burn? Let's look closer.


In various areas we can see some light burn occurring. This is sometimes misdiagnosed as a nitrogen problem, but I'm fairly certain that it's light burn. The yellowing in the center of the leaves and yellow tips are a good indicator.

There are other indicators as well.


This is the "taco" effect. A clear indicator of light burn. If anyone thinks I've misdiagnosed the problem, please let me know. Either way I do not think reducing from maximum light to minimum will have a negative impact on vegetation, as the stalks are very strong and the plants are now in a pretty mature growth stage.


The new growth looks undamaged and I think the plants will be just fine due to catching and diagnosing this before serious damage occurred.




The smaller plants took a little damage but not too much. They are lower to the floor and should also recover just fine.


I was just trying for some photographic fanciness here with this shot through the foliage, focus placed on the beautiful stalks and 3D printed LST clips, and the vibrant new growth emerging from the nodes.


For this photo I had to lay down on my belly and angle upwards from the lowest point possible. I really love these angular photographs.



Those bend marks are from use of the LST clips. They seem to really have this fattening impact on the stalks.

Overall these plants are very healthy and I'm hopeful that at least one of the two larger plants is female.



Someone looking at this photo might ask "Why is there a luggage bag sitting on top of your grow tent?"

I'll answer this question with the last photo in this post.


Covid the kitty decided about a month ago that the top of the grow tent was his new place to sleep. Good luck telling him no when he's made his mind up about something.

He's a very wild cat and does what he wants. I don't mind a single bit, but I don't want him to hurt himself or break the lights. He's a big boy who eats about six times a day and is not overweight but quite heavy.

So to keep him happy and safe, I put the luggage bag up on top with a towel for both his comfort and for his shedding, and that makes him more comfortable and easier to clean up after.

That will do it for this indoor garden update.

I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below!

Your time is a valuable commodity and I always keep this in mind and do my best to respond to everyone.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


For some reason I was attracted by the succulents. I think one of the major factor is the cute little container and you mentioned again on the happy frog that caught my eye on that part. Not that I don't like Cannabis, but it's just so hard to get here and it's now many broker supply with fake stuff and probably those stuff are marinated with rat poison.

As usual, great post, ultimate photos presentation!

Thanks a lot for the compliments bro!

The fake stuff should not even be compared to cannabis imo, but worldwide its maintained that comparison for many years. I tried it various times in my hard drug days and it is purely poison, and I saw it ravage the lives of many people. I could get on a rant about it with the effects, but let's just say it's comparable to a mix between heroin and amphetamines, oftentimes having different chemical compounds altogether. JWH being the prominent compound. It works on the cannabinoid receptors but it's definitely a synthetic chemical poison.

I think you will love the micro greens I'm planning. I designed a relatively simple, but super cool planter. More to come :)

This is great progress!

Splitting your tents up is how most growers go! Look at this amazing tent!


RE: "Those bend marks are from use of the LST clips. They seem to really have this fattening impact on the stalks."

Do the 3D printed LST clips have a round shape near the plant stems or is it straight?
Hard to explain in text.. but maybe you could print them with the arches rotated 45 degrees so it's more rounded?

Great green growth you have there! So exciting, and there is nothing like smoking your own home grown! Quite the experience!

EDIT: One more tip: Protect your eyes!

Thank you for the compliments bro!

It's a round shape, but I have thought that it would be nice to have a harder angle on it for more extreme bend, keeping the plant profile even lower.

I'm sure it's definitely possible to alter this aspect of the .stl file, but is currently still above my know how. I have the software to do it I'm sure, but still need to start learning this intimidating stuff. It's kind of like looking at GIMP photo editing software and feeling like my mind just goes glimp :D

I've been looking at that tent recently actually. I think it would be an ideal tent for expansion one day. A tent like that with my current grow set up would be plenty adequate to keep my personal home stash supplied no doubt.

I generally wear sunglasses most of the time but sometimes get lazy with it. Admittedly I didn't wear any while working this time, but don't feel any negative impacts on the eyes and kept the Phlizon at minimum power. Even minimum that thing still kicks bright light though. It's really nice with those Samsung LED's.

there is nothing like smoking your own home grown! Quite the experience!

Agreed! There's some good bud around here but I think mine is usually the best in town ;)

Smart move with the light arrangement. That will be great for flower too. Cannabis loves a lot of light

Thanks so much bro!

hi, nice post :) lovely to see people growing :) it doenst matter if cannabis or cactus, i simply adore to see people growing...

hmm, im not the expert but i have to say that doest look like light burns.. it looks like nutrient deficiency or lockoff, or ph lock

just an amateurs opinion :)

Hello @dedoverde,

Thank you for the kind words and ideas regarding the state of the cannabis plants!

I'm certainly no expert in nutrients, but I just got a ph soil test kit that I'm hoping will be helpful. I'm going to try it out tonight.

My thinking is in line with the fact that I just upgraded my lights and was running full power in a small grow area. After decreasing the light to minimum, the leaves almost immediately went from drooping over, to the nice straight leaves that we like to see :) and the color is going more towards the deep green again.

That indicates too much light was a factor, but doesn't completely rule out some minor nutrient problems as well. Root bounding is likely not an issue, as I just transplanted the bigger one's but some shock could be occurring, especially since the transplanted growing medium is a different soil compound altogether.

I'll be posting about it again within a day or two, maybe even later today, depending on how things go :D

Have a great day!

I was wondering at the ice plants and onions, do they benefit from the cannabis, or the other way round?

Thank you for the great question.

Simply put, I do not know if there is any benefit for the plants to be housed with one another in one area, but I have this (unsubstantiated) belief that plants in close proximity have a symbiotic relationship, and if one plant is sickly, it can affect the other plants, directly or indirectly.

Directly with parasitic things, or indirectly on in terms of environmental (energy) based factors.

I just successfully designed my own micro greens planter for lettuce, and intend to fill that little closet up with all sorts of plants soon.

Have a great day my friend.

When I was a teenager, before 1970, there was often a man who made the rounds of various talk shows.

He would take a polygraph (lie detector) and connect the wires to various parts of various plants.
If you were to come near one connected to the machine, with knives or especially any flame, the machine recorded the plant going WILD, therefore showing that plants are very aware of their surroundings and any threats.
Other plants in the room, also connected to a polygraph, but not being threatened, would react in a similar manner, indicating that the plants could communicate with each other somehow.
We DO know, that plants in the wild are connected to each other through the mycelia of funguses in the soil, and THEY communicate with each other, like on Pandora in Avatar

I was intrigued, and I still firmly believe the plants in our homes can directly sense things about us, possibly even what we are thinking.

I've not seen any repeats of this experiment since that time, so it may have been debunked by now.
I wish you a great day as well my friend

Wow that is very fascinating!

I think if we can run an experiment that gives consistent results over and over and recreate the experiment to give similar or the same results with biological organisms, even in other environments or with different plants, then it would be hard to contest (debunk) this. At least in my opinion.

We DO know, that plants in the wild are connected to each other through the mycelia of funguses in the soil, and THEY communicate with each other, like on Pandora in Avatar

Absolutely, and with fungus's there have been studies and comparisons made to "neural networks" like a computer network.

It's interesting to note that my limited experiences thus far with psychoactive fungus, felt like my brain was receiving information in an inexplicable fashion, where certain aspects of myself became clearer, and even perceived aspects of other people. How is this even possible? It shows how little we know, and science does help potentially explain some of this, but there may be limitations of course!

I was intrigued, and I still firmly believe the plants in our homes can directly sense things about us, possibly even what we are thinking.

Totally, when my mood is off, my plants start seemingly getting weaker or sick. I always have this feeling that I am influencing them adversely when this happens.

The same thing happens with my cat! He turns into a grumpy boy no matter how much love I'm giving him if I'm in a shitty mood.

I always appreciate your thoughtful comments my friend. Now I want to plant a bunch of stuff lol, will probably do that later today with some micro greens lettuce seeds I have :) Maybe a bean plant too, but they can be hard to manage in the closet :P

PS. I love that movie Avatar too, it's been a while since watching it.

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