Things are coming along.

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This is the cannabis plant, first time. Using organic soil to sprout before transporting to a hydroponic system. Please give feedback, not sure how to* proceed to the next step.


Looks healthy so far.


Keep it in the soil, transplant to a bigger pot in a few weeks. Learn the "normal" way to grow this plant first, then branch out to complicated fancy methods to improve yields or whatever your goals are. If you're in it for the long haul it's worth taking your time to understand the whole process from every angle possible.
Looks like a fine start. More light, and a bit of airflow soon, and you're on your way!

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Thanks for the advice, I like your rationale. I'll go pick up some larger pots this weekend. Move it from the windows to a closet with some LED lights.

If you have LEDs those will work nicely (just gotta fine-tune settings and distance). Pretty much any light source can be made to work though! Gotta love this plant.
If you need info on making organic soil mix (as opposed to buying a premade product) then please reach out. You'll learn a lot either way I'm sure. I'll follow along to see :)

Since this is your first grow, I would try and keep it as simple as possible and go with soil. Once you understand more about the lifecycle of these plants, then I would branch off into hydroponics. Things can go wrong very fast with hydroponic grows, so keeping it simple would be your best bet for success.

Thanks!! I decided to go with this option. Upgraded the plants to a larger bot, set up an LED light w/ a fan more circulation. I will post the results later. It was AWESOME seeing such long roots

Not sure how to do hydro, but seems your off to a good start. I would do more then 1, just in case if it’s male.

Excellent, seemed I learned very well from you guys here. I actually sprouted 2. The other 1 sprouted with soil resting on it's head, so it grew with a little curve xD. Seems like the soil was stressing it, removed some soil from the top and now it's growing right along.

Right on

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😍 TY! < 3

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Do you generally prefer hydroponic over soil?

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This is my first grow, my understanding is that there are both advantages and disadvantages to hydroponics. I chose hydroponics because I wanted faster yields.