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RE: Current progress - Should I start trimming? Any suggestions on how to go about trimming?

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Looks good to me. Maybe could use a spritz of moisture?
You can begin topping and training your plant any time now.
The simplest way is to take off the top, usually just above the current highest set of leaves. Just pinch it off (and eat it!) and within a couple days you'll have 2 tops growing from there.
But it depends what your plan is. There are many strategies and techniques. Some people prefer au natural (just let the plant do its thing). I tend to do a little topping to keep my plants shorter and bushier.
What have you fed it so far other than water?


Feed it? scratches head nothing..... just water xD
What do they like?

People feed them all kinds of stuff, from honey to urine. I tend to use plain water, like yourself :P

Fish is the only thing that comes to mind. I have one plant whose stem got injured right after seeding, I'm considering putting in with a fish fertilizer.

Sure, why not?
I've used kelp before, definitely helps with healing and rooting.