Happy 4/20 Cannabis Post Extravaganza

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Presenting: A selection of my cannabis videos, documentaries, and articles... and a bunch of new material for 4/20! My hope is that you enjoy scrolling and clicking through this post, and possibly also learn something you didn't know. Free the weed!

(photography by DRutter)

Cannabis CURES Cancer

This post wouldn't be complete without a link to this post, which is my most recent compilation of all things 'cannabis cures cancer'.

If you're not aware Nixon tried to show cannabis CAUSED cancer in 1974, and hushed the results of his study because they revealed it CURES many types of cancer, please check out that post! It also contains a ton of recent studies showing how cannabinoids shut down cancerous sells safely, shrinking tumors and saving lives.

Half of us will get cancer, and half of those will die from it.... but it doesn't have to be this way! Make sure you pass this lifesaving knowledge on to as many people as you can.

Extracts ("concentrates" like shatter, rosin, wax, distillate) are medicine!

Cannabis extracts (like "dabs") saved my life and keep me healthy! It's not just about getting high, it's about life and death for hundreds of thousands of Canadians, and millions of others around the world.

The "Vape Crisis" was a lie

The mystery lung illness that harmed and killed people and was dubbed "the vape crisis" several months ago has disappeared from headlines recently. The media pretends that the culprit wasn't found, but it was - Myclobutanil, a fungicide often used on food crops, but is unsafe when heated (like in cannabis).

Vaping Crisis Solved!

"Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome" is actually Neem toxicity!

Neem (another organic compound sometimes used on cannabis) causes dangerous and unpleasant symptoms when heated and inhaled. Many organic growers use it because it's "natural" and "organic"... but that doesn't mean it's safe! Neem should never be used on cannabis, and the best plants are grown without ANY added products. I call it 200% organic.

Cannabis (and Silver) safely destroy viruses

Have a look here for information on using cannabis and silver medicinally!

And check out this link if you want to read a great scientific study on using colloidal silver (tiny silver particles in water) to fight viral infections! I just happened to buy myself a little bit of it:

My MK Ultra crop finished curing!

Check out this photo from a couple weeks ago:

And this one, today, after perfectly drying and jar-curing:

Here's a nug close-up!

Since it's 4/20, @MediKatie and I decided to roll up a joint. We medicate with extracts nonstop, but never smoke... except on special occasions! And this stuff is so clean and potent, it's almost like a dab. But even better, because this stuff is absolute bonkers!

At 4:20pm we lit up in the back yard. Normally we would be in a crowd of 50,000 people, but we moved away from Vancouver recently. Also, the whole thing was cancelled this year anyway (to maintain social distancing). MediKatie had a great time toking away!

I hope you had a safe, happy, productive 4/20!

Get your Bob today?

If you haven't listened to any Bob Marley today, shame on you! Luckily I've got you covered:

How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?

Won't you help to sing these songs of freedom?

To the activists!

4/20 is based in activism. Civil disobedience is the peaceful public breaking of unjust laws, and that is our DUTY as free people. Many are sitting in prison this 4/20, for the "crime" of passing a joint to the wrong person, growing cannabis, or doing what the government is doing now - selling it! We are not yet free.

So here's to the activists!

Activists are rarely celebrated, often hated, and are doing some of the most important work there is to be done - FOR FREE! In fact, we PAY to do what we do. So if you know any activists, or if you're one yourself, pass on my thanks and respect. They deserve it.

"Legalization" is a Lie!

"Legalizing" cannabis is a lie. All we need is to end the prohibition of it! Stop criminalizing people for peacefully growing, using, and transacting in cannabis!

Click here for my 45 minute documentary, released in 2019, one of my most important works.

The viral pandemic is said to be sweeping through prisons, where inmates are limited in nutrition and health care, and crowded together. Peaceful cannabis "offenders" must be released immediately! Don't condemn them to illness and possible death, when their imprisonment is completely unjust in the first place!

Cannabis is non-essential?

Cannabis has been deemed (by the powers that should not be) a non-essential plant. Dispensaries are being closed (both legalized and gray market) all over Canada and the USA. People (including patients) are going without, or reducing their dosage dramatically. Seizures, PTSD, depression, and end-stage cancer can become deadly when untreated. Many patients won't just suffer, they'll die because of the increased cannabis prohibition we're seeing as a result of the pandemic.

Immediately declare cannabis essential! Better yet, totally end all prohibition against it, and free it completely! Cannabis is safe, and the only reason it's still controlled is for PROFIT and CONTROL!

Please do NOT support legalization, legalized cannabis, or legal cannabis companies. They directly contribute to peaceful activists, gardeners, and patients going to prison - for profit! This plant should be free for all to profit from and enjoy, not just government insiders. End cannabis prohibition!

War on Drugs is a War on Us!

Here's a music video I made on 4/20 five years ago (2015)!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Price of Oil!

My "Price of Oil" video is blowing up on multiple platforms right now, due to the price of crude oil crashing under zero today for the first time ever. This is great because it contains a bunch of information on cannabis, and many of the viewers will be hearing it for the first time ever!

Thanks for jointing me!

MediKatie and I finished the day with a pizza! Vegan cheese, lots of pizza sauce, pineapple (oh yes we did), banana peppers, mushrooms, olives, onions, garlic, on a crispy gluten-free crust! It was juicy and intense, just perfect after a wonderful joint out on the back lawn.

I appreciate you scrolling through this post, and I hope you liked it. Peace, Liberty, Love, and Cannabis!



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The MK Ultra looks great, but I'm looking forward to seeing the final result of the Steem OG plant.

That MK Ultra looks amazing!

It was incredible to roll (stinky and sticky as fuuuck) and a delight to smoke. Like candy for the cannabis smoker. No harshness, all flavour, somewhere around 18% THC. Smells right through the glass.
If only @DRutter could grow pounds of that stuff! : O

the MK Ultra cross I had was under 20% too, I guess thats as high of a THC level as one can get out of that plant.

Ever heard of a MK Ultra over 20% THC?

He could grow pounds if he had a license, from what I see it is possible craft cannabis will be given special consideration but I think we need to start get more vocal about small cannabis grows for the government to get the message

also if we pay a membership fee in Hive and there is gifts for members, a cannabis club can somewhat sustain a book club model with certain set backs I am sure, as long as its under an oz exchanged for none commercial purposes between adults who pay the membership fee it should be good to go.

I have watched alot of what you post on LBRY, I think I have seen you on BitTube too a few times if not mistaken

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