Cannabinoids appear to block cov-19 infection!

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Before I started this lockdown diary 62 days ago, I did a video linking to studies showing cannabinoids prevent viral infection. It was censored in multiple ways.

Now, new research shows that CBD and THC (the 2 most common cannabinoids) work together to prevent cov-19 infection! More investigation is urgently needed, but these preliminary results are merely confirming what science has known for decades - cannabinoids have antimicrobial properties (and very few potential side effects). A safe and effective prevention has been available all along, but spreading this information has been made nearly impossible!

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Pit of Hell


Original video

My May 2nd response to YT age-restricting and censoring it

New study shows CBD and THC work together to prevent cov-19 infection

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Thank you for helping me spread awareness that cannabinoids may prevent cov-19 transmission!


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Would you get arrested for a socially-distanced protest, or even a one-man protest with signs saying "Cannabis cures caronavirus!"?

That would be pretty awesome!
Man, this censorship is beyond horrible. People are dying by the thousands over this. No wonder they've been gearing up for this level of censorship for years. This was all planned long ago.

Not surprised given everything we know that it treats this virus, by treating inflammation at the very least. I'm excited and curious to see how this information plays out. I'd better do my part and share it a super spreader, lol too soon?

Oh baarrrf, @MediKatie! I'm sick of all the health-related puns lately!

I have no patients for that kind of joke. I hope it dies out soon, and doesn't catch on.
A man asked me if I can appreciate these puns. I said "no, I cancer".
I just don't have that sense of tumor. ; (

Have been doing some self-observation on flus and cannabis, and even with a poor diet, it keeps the inflammation at bay. Smoking with tobacco even, but no doctor visits for over, than 10 years.

There are loads of research, while trying to figure out how to find problems with weed, the scientists have also found a lot of benefits. With sites like sci-hub, ignorance is a choice.

Good points! Cannabis is medicine on so many levels. We have an entire body system with receptors and endogenous cannabinoids for a reason!

Upvoted and resteemed to do my part against the censorship.

I really enjoyed your perspective! I smoke daily, and I have read a lot of negative things coming out from the government (of course) about cannabis during this time. They continue to stonewall legalization at the national level here in the US, mainly due to lobbying by the alcohol conglomerates, but I truly believe cannabis has healing and preventative properties.

I think all they need to do (federally in the US) is end prohibition! No need to legalize, which is just control and profiteering. Take it out of the Schedule (where it has been Class 1 for decades) and tell the DEA to stand the F down! Let the states handle cannabis... and most other plants!

I also believe in the healing power of this wonderful plant. So also my doctor. That is why it have been prescribed for me by my doctor for some years against my asthma, among other things.
It works great. My "normal" medication (i.ex. aerosol sprays) has rarely been needed since Cannabis.
And it has some positive side effects. In example the power of creativity has surrounded me ever since. 😀

Right on! It's great you have a cooperative doctor and access to good medicine. Nobody should have to go without in a civilized society. At the very least, stop criminalizing the act of growing plants! I can grow and extract the cannabinoids myself, super high end quality, better than anything the legalized regime can produce (by far). But to protect corporate profits, I'm not allowed, or I go to prison for 14 years. That's "legalization" in Canada! Pfffff!
Agreed on the creativity. I enjoy the motivation boost I get, and of course pain relief and so much more.