Got some new toys thanks to @futuremind


Hive has some pretty creative people. One of them is @futuremind. I have been out of super croppers for a while and now that I have an AK-47 seed germinating, I am going to need some fresh supplies for this next grow.

@futuremind has a 3D printer and was able to print up some of the super croppers that I need and even printed up some spikes to go in the pots to label the different strains that I am planning on growing this year. The coolest part was that I was able to pay for all of this using Hive.

What are super croppers? Well they are little plastic pieces that can be used to bend down the branches on your plant. They cause a small bit of damage to the fibers in the branches, while allowing you to bend them in certain spots to shape the plant to how you want it to grow. The plant does suffer a bit of damage and stress in the process, but the plant pushes nutrients to those areas that are bent and it increases the strength of those branches and also increases bud production. I have used them on several different grows and have gotten some good results.

@futuremind got a somewhat generic file to print these from and I gave him some pointers on creating an even better version of them. One problem with how these ones are designed is that they will need to be taken off manually so they do not cause harm to the plant as the branches grow. With a little bit of customization, @futuremind is adding points on the super cropper that automatically break off as the plant grows larger. This will allow the branches to thicken up as intended without causing any harm to the branch.

3D printing is super interesting and something that I have thought about getting into, but for now, I am glad that I have someone on Hive that I can pay to print stuff for me. It will be cool to see how far 3D printing goes in the next 10 years. We have already seen some pretty cool advancements on it already.

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Awesome man! I'm really happy everything arrived in good shape and quickly.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your pots with those labels in them, and hopefully this batch of LST's will work well enough for you.

I'll be making a follow up post when I make that modification, which will be pretty easy to implement, and your thinking is very sound with how this will work, causing less potential damage to the plants. I have had stems actually break under the strength of the LST clip, and this is something we want to avoid.

3D printing is a lot of fun and actually can be quite challenging at times. A project like this can be done in 1-2 days of almost nonstop print time as long as no problems occur during the process, which there are many potential issues that can arise at any time while 3D printing, and sometimes can halt production for a while.

I've been working on building up a stock of the clips since doing your order, and now I will work on building up a stock of the modified versions, because it's nice to be able to provide a simple and effective tool that's also kind of rare and hard to find :)

Thank you for the shout out and awesome write up on the prints man, I'll definitely be happy to make many more for you and the other awesome Hive members who might want to get their hands on these clips, as well as the labels and other things I might start printing in the future.

Thanks again man. These are really going to come in handy. I am going to be ordering more once you get the new design down.

He Got some real Creativity tbh! Have seen plenty of Creative hivers and paying in hive for service is indeed coolest thing.

Those are some Awesome Pieces mate. I think so 3D printing will boom in next coming years... have huge potential!

Paying for stuff with Hive is always a good thing.


I think I've seen these before. It was @solominer or one of your posts. They look very useful and also very aesthetic. They will add some color to your cannabis.

Can never have too much color in the grow tent.

Why not? Does it effect growing of cannabis?

That is awesome man! It is crazy how those Supper Croppers usually end up breaking in half. These plants are beasts!

These super croppers are going to come in handy.

I know @futuremind He is an expert on how to grow flowers and plants in the garden. When you plant new plants inside the pot. It will look even more beautiful when applied 3D labels. At the start there is such a business, then later the person gradually builds its branches.

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