(DIY) Moonrocks Enjoy!!!


How to make moonrocks (it's easier than you think)

"Moonrocks" are a weed trend that is attributed to rapper / entrepreneur Korupt. They remind me of artisanal chocolates because they are a combination of different ingredients.

You need three things to make moonrock. Dried weed tops, weed oil (or another kind of sticky concentrate) and kief. You can find the strongest variant of everything, but if you are a cannabis connoisseur, you may want to think carefully about the combination of ingredients that you are going to use. For the best moon rock experience, you want to combine flavors and scents that go well together.

Ideally, buds you use for moonrocks have a high THC percentage. The THC level is usually above 20%.

Weed oil is extracted from tops or trim. Trim is the trichome-covered leaf that is cut from the tops while performing a manicure for the final presentation. It is often powerful stuff.

Kief are the trichomes that are separated from the flowers of leaves. It looks like sand from sawdust. There are a few ways to harvest this. You can sieve it dry - which is possible with certain grinders. The kind that catches the trichomes that come from your weed when you grind it.

Another way to harvest Kief is to separate it from the plant with ice water. For example using bubble bags from Ice-O-Lator. This is a faster way to harvest more trichomes. It is the first phase in making "bubble hash".

"My face melted into nothing and I felt as if my eyeballs were floating through the room without a head."
Some people will claim that moonrocks are a gimmick. If you really want a lot of THC then you can consume the most powerful of the ingredients - weed oil from a different concentrate. When you add the tops and thiefs you dilute the THC with the material involved.

If you are used to smoking weed, the combination of the three ingredients means that you can simply consume it in the way that you always do (joint, bone of bong), but then it is mega strong.

I hope you like this info and that you can use it.

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very particular production method

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