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Increase yeilds by 16%???


Boa tarde WeedCash! O que vocês estão todos fumando hoje? I wanted to drop in to say hi, and tell ya'll about a product I've had a lot of success with. Organic microbial inoculant, Mammoth P. I'm sure most of you have heard of it. If not I'll fill you in here.

I'm sure there are some super soil geniuses in here that are going to tell me I'm stupid for wasting money on this. That their homemade super-soil already has everything in that bottle and more. But some of us get our soil from bags, and grow hydro, and I cannot deny the results I've personally seen using this type of microbes. I don't know if I would say 16% increase, I doubt that claim is even provable. There was a noticable effect though.

Colorado is proud of Mammoth P. Developed in Co. Made in Co., and widely used there. Many growers swear by it, but like everything in this industry, some balk at it. The high price tag kept me from trying it until a rep gave us some samples, and we used it in the tent we had up at the hydro shop, and I was very impressed with the results.

Scientists at Colorado State University, and Growcentia developed MP. They were able to isolate a specific type of bacteria that increases growth and flavor in the flower. It is designed to significantly increase a plants uptake in phosphorus, which can dramatically increase your harvest.


You can use Mammoth P start to finsih. A lot of people claim increased root development when used in veg, but this product really shines in flower. It helps by protecting the plants rhizosphere from dangerous pathogens.

It is not only supposed to increase yields, but impove all around plant health, and vitality. Many see improvements to stalks, and fewer issues with things like spider mites. I saw many people claiming this in the reviews on their site.

Mammoth P is pricey. Usually around $50 for 120ml bottle. It does get cheaper if you buy more. Around $200 for a liter, and it's good up to sixteen months. As you can see below, it is extremely concentrated, so it's not as expensive to add to your regiment as you might think at first.


Now remember, mycorrhizae does not form in high phosphorous environments. A lot of growers make the mistake of loading up on to much P and K that becomes unusable, or effects root developments ect. Using something like this will allow more bio-available phosphorous, getting more big buds from less bone meal, or whatever your using.

Though I try to stick with organic, people using synthetic nutrients swear by MP. Mycrobes don't flurish with salts, and synthetic nutrients, so using MP can do wonders if that is your thing.

Most people don't grow solely from their homemade, organic compost. We buy our soil in a plastic bag, that could have been sitting at the store, or distribution facility for who knows how long. The plastic, and transportation are also not ideal environments to foster the microbes. Mammoth P is a perfect product to kickstart some soil that is lacking, or to add a micro-biome that was never there.

This type of product isn't for everyone, but I have heard so many people having great results with it, I at least wanted to share. Mammoth P is the best product of this type in my opinion. Have you guys tried Mammoth P? What do ya think?

Thanks for reading

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Mammoth P website
Tips on using Mammoth P

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I use Mammoth P, and I love it! I notice an improvement, and also use it for cloning. There is a way to make more, which is something I keep meaning to do, but forget about it. Once I get good instructions on how to, I will get back to you on it. Unless you are already aware of this?

I too love it. A lot of organic growers stick their noses up at it though. Lots of people use it commercially though and i don't care what people think lol.

I just read in a forum about people doing that when I was making this post a few hours ago. I have no idea how though. I would definitely would be interested, especially if it's not to difficult. I will be using it again in the fall when the lights go up again.

Dude I just hate it when someone does something a certain way, and then hates on other peoples methods. And organic people can be the worst! And yeah I do believe it’s simple. It may be as simple as making a aerated compost tea.

Damn im totally looking into it. Thanks for hwads up!

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