What videogames & tv have to teach us about economics, & marketing

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Surprisingly information can be gained from the oddest of sources, the insight is none the less helpful despite the origin. Economics can be a rather dry subject of study oddly enough studying games can teach you much about marketing & economic principles.

Running a seemingly random computer program function such as a RNG or Random Number Generator. This gets increasingly complex as you add rules or exceptions, this Minecraft Game theory video is about the algorithm placing diamonds in a game world. This will give you an idea of how complex a seemingly random system is.

You may not have played mine craft believe it or not I haven't I get why you might not believe that but I'm an older nerd Minecraft was after my time as a gamer. None the less this video was fascinating because it shows what exactly computers are capable of now. Blockchain games are infinitely more complex but like the Nintendo 64, The rudimentary Blockchain games we have now are an important stepping stone.

The video game industry points to a lot of hurtles we will have to cross as Blockchain Collectables and games advance. While these challenges are not all Blockchain will face its a guide of certain prerequisites and eventual possibilities.


You may remember I like utilizing the Economic philosopher John Smiths economic principles in its regards to crypto. First having heard of this author one of the few classes actually showed up to before I dropped out of collage. I wasn't at all paying attention, but I recognized the name when I watched this video.

Basically in a nut shell they use one of the principle economic theory's purposed by John Smith to value Game economy's to find which character is the most wealthy.

From this video many insights to crypto and secondary asset markets function such as NFTs and game assets. Though not directly used in this way they can be to gain insight into economic systems.

Pokémon and the dangers of inflation

Turns out printing your own money infinitely can have some downsides, Pay Day a broken Pokémon game mechanic that can collapse an economy.

Pokémon used to present the danger of money or currency being produced infinitely. There are many comparisons to crypto that apply to this model for instance DOGE my favorite pixel puppy has a danger of this occurring due to the method of farming Via a Proof of Work (PoW) system that doesn't half. This means DOGE can be produced infinitely at the same level of computational power currently required. As tech continues to improve this will be very problematic for long term investors

Its not great to hoard either by being afraid to spend the currency you can spell doom for an economy in the form of an economic bubble. This can be inherently true on secondary asset markets only through the usage of these systems can they thrive.

While not a game but a little dumber the cartoon south park can actually teach you a lot about various economic principles systems and schools of thought.
Wise crack is another youtbe channel I frequent for economic and social insight in a watchable format. One of my favorites explors the meaning of the south park episode Margaritaville.

In times of economic turmoil such as a economic depression spending is the only way for a functionally free market to repair it self. Since people drive an economic system we are one with it spending more instead of saving is a good thing. Siting the economist John Maynard Keynes interpretation of a free market.

Using confusing systems & terminology which makes an economic system seem to complex to understand. The consumer is left with no decision but to trust the experts In banks they typically stress using a savings account but its better in my opinion to use stable coin assets like DIA with a staking system without locking the funds it has almost 10x the APR Holding DAI on your coin base account then an average savings account does.

Crypto naturally gives you insight to these systems and how they function this combined with a little knowledge of consumerism and economics & you know much more then the average consumer.

In this video The host at Wise Crack goes over several economic systems of value as well as societal practices that effect an economy using south park as source material.

You can see how many of these principles overlap when talking subjective NFT markets the contributing factors being much the same. Hell the considering influence or followers as a source of value rings all to true for HIVE as well.

The Internet

The internet can be both an unbelievable resource and a concerningly bias misrepresentation of truth. Understanding what is fact is increasingly difficult which is why I do my own research trying to better determine authenticity of claims.

Its a little easier with crypto projects due to the nature of blockchain facilitating transparency. However the rest of the internets information shouldn't be discounted. The internet is a tool & like any tool the way you use it ultimately determines its effectiveness.

Social media another aspect of the Internets usage social media can be both extremely helpful or harmful I implore you to consider the source. When I use social media for information on NFT collections I try & get info directly from the company or creator in question.

While many flaws exist with social media t is again a tool and can be used to great effect when done correctly. Hive is fairly unique in that many of the people posting have an above average crypto skillset but always do your own research.

In short the internet is one of the greatest tools humanity has ever wielded, & it should be used with caution.

Rise of the influencer

This Wise Crack video explores the rise of celebrity & the dangers this can represent. This Wise crack video (Influencers: How Democracy Created a Monster) points out exactly how our culture has gotten here from Charlie Chaplin to the Kardashians.

NFT Leads

Enough with philosophy, economics, and how I spend my free time & on to the leads in the world of NFT investing. Here's a good one those that are on Splinterlands lately probably noticed the button at the top of the market page for Monster Market.
Well Monster market is great when WAX and HIVE prices are shelfing, When this happens the price of Dice packs stays more or less constantly above $2.50. The Monster market DICE packs when in stock are a stable price of 2,500 DEC roughly $2.50. Though buying them doesn't qualify you for the potential airdrop its cheaper the the Game market and most Peer to Peer P2P markets.


After buying a pack at $2.50 you can take it to either WAX or Hive-Engine & upsell for a profit.
Now they have Untamed packs back in stock so once again you can spend DEC on Untamed packs.
Then you can trade to a stable asset such as UDST, DIA , or even HBD, or HIVE via Hive-Engine. Then rinse repeat, this works & I'm not really doing myself any favors by sharing this info.
This is the reward for a daily challenge with quest potion at Gold Rank 3
Not even that great and its still damn profitable just on 3 of those chests the rest is extra.

Coin base card

Coinbases fees can be a bit much but not if you do it right & avoid them anyway they finally let me get a debit card through Coinbase. Not bad only used it once but it gives you 5% back on purchases in either BTC or Stellar Lumens. Not to bad really like I said coinbases fees can eat you alive but it can be avoided.

What I'm smoking

How in the hell did I think this was a good idea for a write up, Smoking way to much of my friends Gelato, Eating Gummy edibles, Drinking infused Tea, & Vaping distillate cartridge's on reflex at this point.
Its at this point bad ideas like this write up occur, Not quite as bad as taco bell sounds like a good decision, but still not something to be proud of.

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