Humanity co evolution Cannabis and Canines

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Humans have a myriad of domesticated species in which the genetics have been altered to make the species more useful for humans. Corn watermelon Canines Cats and Cannabis have been altered either as food pest control or hunting partners. Humans have even potentially been impacted by the domestication of species. The stoned chimp theory credits magic mushrooms as the reason we started farming becoming a catalysts for our evolution.

Though I don't actually subscribe to this theory, personally I believe that modern humans are mutts a combination of several earlier hommonids. For example I have RH negative blood meaning I rhesus negative lacking typical ancestry with rhesus macaque. This is a problem for ever having children without medical intervention due.

Problems aside back to the topic at hand, how our domestication of species has affected both their genes and our own. The most obvious reason is viruses hopping species and affecting our genetic makeup.
As much as 40 percent of a modern humans genetic sequence is thought to have a virus origin.

Cannabis has been cultivated for tens of thousands of years however reaserch indicates a much older relationship. Dogs are thought to have been domesticated around 130,000 years ago. Like humans quick evolution inter breeding of certain ancestors of both Cannabis and Canines have caused rapid selective evolution.

For thousands of years, modern humans have been developing mutually beneficial relationships with other species, from dogs and cats to bacteria and breadfruit. These interactions have allowed our different life forms to evolve and flourish together, and even cross the globe. These relationships are examples of ‘mutualistic’ coevolution, which happens when multiple species affect each other’s progress for the better over time.

They’re also a key part of what physician, medical geographer, and AIMS Institute co-founder Dr. Sunil K. Aggarwal calls humankind’s “evolutionary garden” — the collection of plants, fungi, and animal secretions that people have cultivated since prehistory, and carried around the world, because of their particular usefulness for human health and survival as food, medicine, clothing, or other vital supplies.

This is compounded by intentionally utilizing selective breeding in most domesticated species but it is a particularly big issue in cannabis and Canines. Unfortunately the byproduct of genetic selection is a predisposition to both disease susceptibility and mutation. Though less evident in cannabis it is starting to become an issue, since dogs are ancient in comparison the negative impact is much worse than cannabis thus far.

When you are talking evolution in such a manner as selective breeding time is less a factor than the size of the affected population. This in the simplest terms means that the number of selective breeds/strains is directly linked to how quickly the population genetic makeup is altered.

While genetic differences are important in avoiding a disease whiping out an entire population. This isn't necessarily always a good thing when done with a specific trait being the end goal we don't see that this genetic bottle neck can be detrimental in other ways. The most obvious example to me are bananas and coffee. Both of these are almost extinct due to selective breeding causing a decrease in resistance to disease that nearly wiped both out. This is why banana is flavored different in candy because the banana that flavor is based off is extinct.

Before cannabis starts to show negative effects from this type of intervention we need to start exploring methods to understand and reverse our negative impact. Could you ever imagine cannabis going extinct with this terrifying dystopia of a future at stake I am trying to get more information on genetic research as well as the oldest existing preserved specimen that have been discovered. Unfortunately most likely none of the specimens I know of are viable for taking a sample of the intact cells for genetic sequencing.

Land race strains and hell even your grandparents weed they stashed and forgotten about back in the day are helpful in determining exactly what damage has been done. What possible steps could be taken to minimize the impact of detrimental genetic defects or mutations are possible to discern in a large enough data sample. This isn't supported by the current systems in place.

Mail in genetic testing is available in certain areas however the ones available can range in data sets for establishing the lineage alone. This may already have established info online however this type of information is best recorded as apposed to collected with incomplete information that may be subjective or environmental factors unaccounted for. Given the way U.S cannabis is still controlled by outdated laws most scientific information about genetics outside of the Purple Kush data for 131 strains was CBD agricultural studies their information is really helpful due to larger scale production with less legal limitations.

Judging by the research papers I have seen drought susceptibility is not news but they tend to focus more on when the cbd weed produces more THC and not fatal issues with crops odd occasions like that are likely ignored that is the data needed.

Even though they are genetically testing these samples of CBD Grows they lack the information on mutation and illness more of a literal field study.
Drug dogs or dog drugs
Dogs while not o drugs do like most life have the necessary receptors for the thc cbd to work (please dont get your pet high) but the do make dog cbd products . This may or may not have any medical affect positive or negative CBD is more or less benine testing indicates an insanely high LD50 over 730.

Thank goodness that data is from mice not dogs but scaling like you would for a human testing trial which (I want to test weed I would make a great test mouse) Hasn't happened yet but we try not to intentionally OD human test subjects literally 1/2 the time hence LD50 or Leathal dose in 1/2 the test sample 730 ml to kg of body weight. But this is either fo a full spec extract or thc extract they didn't not specify but Tomatoes can kill you with a LD50 of 485 which is specifically green tomatoes.

However weed has many medical applications we barely comprehend but know some chemical in the cocktail that is weed or a combination is responsible. Seizures respond well with a lower but not no thc cannabis Graft vs host responded well to a terpene cbd combination that just barely clears the legal regulation is preventing advancement in these areas causing tumor growth to cease.

The same afflictions made common in mans best friend due to deuteriations of their genetics to preserve specific mutations (Sound familiar ) I know major differences exist in the genetics of all three organisms. Understanding phenotype and genotype is a great start but we need to establish a genetic stability that has almost bee lost increasing growth difficulty Herming increased mutations could be mitigated if we focus more on what the plant needs and less what we need from it at least a little.

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