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Dropping Hash tags & talking hash bags, That is to say bubble bags short path distillation pollen press wicca boxes and everything else I may or may not have made hash with over the years. Given the legislation in this area it has to be left as a hypothetical for some of this to protect my ass legally speaking.

Keif & pollen


You kids these days with all your vac ovens and rosin presses, back in my day we made hash with a blender or a cotton t shirt . Though partially a joke you can in fact make rudimentary hash with collected keif and heat + pressure. Actually most of what you will need can be found on weedcashes store, need is strong word we need doorstops but a brick would work.
These are wicca boxes and the Green thing is a polen press
Stage grinder also will work (works better frozen) blenders can also be used in certain situations. I have even used a mettle coffee filter and one time a coffee can and a cotton t shirt ( Cannabis hasn't always been legal here ) sometimes you had to think these things out. you can even get the (hash) to bond via a rolling paper(s) a lighter and pressure.

Bubble Bag/ Dry Ice

If I had to choose one or the other I choose the dry ice method due to the lack of moisture and water which around here has led in it or worse. However Dry ice is dangerous to those whom are not familiar with it and how to handle it. Not to mention it can destroy a normal bubble bag so be sure if you are going tp attempt this
(Be Careful!!!!). However this gives you either a large amount of keif or something like THC resin hybrid called bubble bag hash. Tastes like 2 stroke fuel smells or at least some does when you burn it. This gets you just as lit as dabs but it like dabs (wax) chokes you out around 45%-60% THC by volume.

Chomical extracts/ rosin

Other than rosin that you can get with a hair steightener and parchment paper faith and determination. Some of these extraction processes are not necessarily legal in fact where I live it is the same charge as operating a meth lab called a (marijuana lab) Michigan laws are so F*cking stupid. Typically if you where to hypothetically do something like this you should use a closed loop system, Not blasting where you let the solvent evaporate into the air but closed loop where you collect most of the solvent in the extraction process. This substance then rests usualy over night in the freezer then you can use a vac oven depending on how intricate the closed loop system is & purge the remaining solvents. Even when done correctly I dont smoke this (Shatter, Wax, Crumble) All of this no matter how well its done no matter how clean the cannabis contains carcinogens.

Short path distillation or rotary distillation

using a semi advanced setup you can turn dabs this
In to distillate This
Anybody who may have extracted distillate before you know around 1 OZ ounce of Dabs/Wax has around 3.5 G grams of carcinogens. Carcinogenic parts of the plant also concentrated in the extract. phosphates, sugars, salts, & many other natural chemicals found in cannabis (Even organic and properly flushed). Extracts always end up concentrating these, in fact the brown or black resin in your pipe or on the paper is partially the manifestation of carcinogens that dont typically burn. When your talking proper lab equipment/expertise you can even remove cbd, thcv, terpenes, as well as many other trace chemicals giving you something like this. 99% THC
Like smoking Air that packs a punch look out


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