AI & Cannabis cultivation, Technologies effect on agriculture in a modern world

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Robots and machine learning are helping facilitate new, more sustainable agricultural methods that take farming inside and to new heights to conserve resources, minimize chemicals and shorten time to market. This combined with several recent technological advancements Marijuana is poised to not only be a economically beneficial industry but a eco friendly one as well. The issues most large scale agricultural industries are missing in the cannabis industry all ready due to the laws surrounding its cultivation.

While tech such as this should be used for all agricultural practices currently marijuana is just beginning to normalize its production and as such is easier to change. Vertical growing isn't necessarily AI however use of AI in sensors and high-definition cameras can be used to keep track of and adjust multiple inputs in the growing environment such as water level, PH level, temperature, humidity, nutrient feed, light spectrum and CO2 levels. To take it even further arguably we are not far off from automating harvest and planting.

Let me introduce a project dubbed low line a technology that uses bowl-like collectors and fiber optic wire to funnel sunlight from the street above. While theses are revolutionary ideas, it takes mass adoption to understand the issues in implementing these systems on a large scale. Cannabis is where the financial incentive for a efficient effective and minimalist approach to agriculture will likely come from.
Just think Ai with sufficient observation of the environment and plants could detect stress detect illness and react accordingly. Give us unprecedented information on a plant that has been mostly speculation Cannabis. AI is likely to be key in discovering new strains or customize strains for specific effects
Crazy story I have been high off the cannabis in the photo above 👆 This was an uplifting talk about science kind of high, cerebral (Green crack) as well as home made Vape cartridges which at this point is like air but ill count it . Made with dispensary concentrates and productswax_liquidezer_mat.png
Cannabis can be used as construction materials can be grown in a closest the legalization of the swiss army knife of drugs combined with AI may actually save the world. After 2020 I realized that most doomsday scifi futures have competition, ourselves why not gamble with AI, weed will keep us calm its only dystopian if you set your standards to high.
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I have been working on a ‘smart farm’ kind , but for foods, and eventually cannabis at some point. Planning on micro greens, smaller leafy greens and mushroom.

It would be awesome to have some kind of program or system to be able to find the perfect nutrition, water and light balance for different plants. That would be bad ass.

There is actual research in this area in Israel they are a bit ahead of the cannabis game but its actually being utilized to grow there. If I can find the article ill post the link in a reply.

I still think mother nature has perfected this, but ai could push the limits. I imagine the terps would be through the roof once AI gets ahold of stuff.

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