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The intention of this piece is neither to deride or judge anyone but just an honets intention to strike up a converation bothering Marijuana and its usage.

Many people who indulge in Marijuana usage would be more than happy to share with anybody willing to listen how they started and why they have continued over the years.

Apart from the medically prescribed use of the good trees, many people indulge in the act for relaxtion and enjoyment purposes. Some to run away from their problems and realities.

Basically everyone seems to have a good reason why they smoke weed and there are usually no malicious intent.

But no matter how good your intentions towards things of life are, moderation always sounds right. Which brings me to my main point of writing...


One of the points stoners love to make about the good sides of Marijuana is, that it has no addictive properties. Yes, it is a fact that the good trees has no such properties like other stimulants like tobacco and maybe coffee but we can definetely become heavily dependent.

Some people become so heavily depent on Marijuana that they could hardly perform opimally without it.

The first time I lit a joint, I did so to run away from my own thoughts and my problems. I am not gonna lie, it felt pretty good, I mean I could barely give a fuck, I could barely worry, even when there were a ton of reasons to. I became indifferent to many of my problems.

As good as that may sound, it wasnt entirely helpful because I had people who depend on me, which means I just couldnt be in the zone all the time. I quickly realised that I couldnt continue like that, with the state of indifference, so I made a concious decision to stop.
I realised I had to tough it out and work towards solving my problems sober and aware.

I stopped smoking for a while after realising that I was smoking for the wrong reasons. Instead, I learned how to meditate and this helped me develop a natural calmness that I was experiencing with Marijuana.

Now, I smoke strictly for recreational purposes, which I think is a much better reason than the ones that made me start.

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Oh yeah cannabis can be very addicting. Nothing like opiates, or nicotine, thank god! But it can cause some minor withdrawals. IN fact the other day I decided to not smoke any, and drank some wine. This is the first time I did not smoke for the whole day in years. I even had a nice buzz from the wine, but i could not fall asleep. I tossed and turned, and even got the sweats a little. Nothing major, in fact if it was opiates the tossing and turning, along with the sweating would of been 100 times worse, but it was there, and not all the pleasant.

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You smoke all day every day? Does it still get you as high as I know weed does?

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Addiction is a disease with a range of harmful conditions and behaviors. Recognizing these signs can help a person with addiction receive the treatment they need.

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