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RE: CBD For Beginners: CBD Explained, The Introduction

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YES!!!! I am HUGE into CBD and the other isolates coming out. I have my own little routine that I do and it really helps just make life feel more in the moment and for pain it really helps a lot. It's also so easy to put into food if you don't wanna just have it under your tongue as a tincture. coffee is full of cbd and it's a real nice combo :)

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That sounds good. Might be worth looking into infusing it with MCT oil for some super bullet proof coffee, lol.

I'm glad that people are opening up that CBD isn't "THE POT", ffs it's an amazing pain killer among a bunch of other awesome things it does. For those starting out on it just my two cents is make sure it's 3rd party verified tested so you aren't taking in some Roundup or something with the actual medicine ;)

Yep, my uncle got my 83 year old grandmother on it to help her arthritis. She loves the patches.