Walking with WOLVES ! Wildlife photography of wolfpack...

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Throw me to the wolves and I will return, leading the pack. Source

Another 'Discovery Channel' kind of day for me - Though no one threw me to wolves (and hence I did not confirm my ability to return as their leader 😀), I did encounter a pack of wolves!

7-8 wolves with an Alpha, youngsters and females.. I spent almost an hour within 50 feet of them and saw an amazing pack display of majesty, playfulness, love and aggression ...

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The Wolf pack!

Here are some glimpses of the wolves in all their moods!

Royal presence
An intelligent and fearsome predator, the wolf, with it's intense yellow eyes always comes off as an imposing presence!

_DS19858 INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

Standing tall
Hunting as a pack, they always follow a very disciplined approach and have a dominating presence among hunters and scavengers...

_DS10145_DxO-SA INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

What - wolves and funny? Yes - to me, they did appear funny sometimes. Like this occasion when, coming out of the mist, this one decided to shake off the due and did almost a funny dance step in his body shaking routine..😀

_DS19759 INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

Brothers in arms
The pack always ticks together. No matter what. They share a bond and have some loving calm moments of togetherness sometimes..

_DS19990_DxO-SA INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

A wolf pack with youngsters is never quiet. The youngsters always prance around and play mock battles...

_DS19807 INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

Enjoying their meals..
I have seen wolves smacking their lips and lick the after their meal. Like this one - seems to be saying "Yummm - that hit the spot"

_DS19796 INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

Agression - just look at those fangs
Though there are mostly only mock battles in members of the pack, there is always a fearsome display of fangs...

_DS19909 INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

I thoroughly enjoyed the photography session though I was also a bit afraid to be so near them...

However, most of the time, they ignored me and continued to go about their routine. One did hide behind tall grass and seemed to watch for some time.. Guess he decided I was harmless and also that I was not his prey😀😀

_DS19777 INSTA 1080 (FILEminimizer).jpg

I enjoyed my day thoroughly. Once again, days of roaming grasslands and hillsides had paid off. Wolves are becoming very rare to sight in our parts and in most parts of the world. I was fortunate to be able to spend so much time with them and capture these images. It is not just patience and perseverance but also the technique of tracking wildlife and of course the right technology with a high shutter speed camera.

What do you think ? Do you think it was worth it? Have you attempted or would you attempt anything like this in photography?

Please comment freely and let me know your opinion. I will try to bring many different types of wildlife photos/macro/Astro posts to the community. Feedback and comments are welcome,. I am still learning many techniques and always value feedback from experts in this community.

Have a nice day everyone. Cheers!

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Frign awesome. Love the pack mentality of wolves and how they look out for each other. Great shots man.


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@enginewitty - Thank you so much for your encouragement. Nice to get a pat on the back from an alliance leader 😀🤗

Those Wolves look great, so beautiful picture , congratulations!

Thank you so much

Wow! Amazing photos! I have never seen wolves in the wild, but seeing them in a wolfpack looks a bit scary... :) I saw wild boars, deer, and foxes, but they aren't that "dangerous" like wolves...
How that joke goes... Did you survive? 😂
Thanks for sharing!

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Lol. Yes. I seem to have survived. It is rare to be able to see a pack of wolves. I was lucky indeed.
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

How lucky you are to have lived this type of experience close to the wolves, how did you make them not notice your presence? were you in a car?

Yes. I was in a car and rolled down windows only for a quick click here and there.
I am glad you liked ghe photos. Thanks for visiting the post and your comment.


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Finding yourself in a family of wolves an amazing experience out in the wild.

Excellent photography being allowed the opportunity to stand quietly watching them interacting.