Fun at night - Whoooooo goes there! Owl clicks with Wildlife conservation message

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Is HIVE a platform fit for spreading wildlife conservation message?
YES! Here is my experience so far.

I have always found a lot of encouragement and interaction on my posts with my own wildlife photography.

I have been active on HIVE for about 9 months now and it is my dream to be able to spread the wildlife conservation message. I also want to use my post earnings to buy accessories and visit more places to take pictures and spread the conservation message. Hopefully, I will, some day, with guidance of experts and leaders of HIVE, start a community about Wildlife conservation...

I have always been fascinated with nocturnal photography. For the simple reason that it gets me to see and photograph birds and mammals that are never usually seen by most of us.

Do you know that there are more than 200 species of owls in the world? In the region that I live itself are about 13 species of owls.

Owls are losing their habitat - due to encroachment of jungles, lower farmland activity and bright lights everywhere. These superbly engineered creatures, fine tuned for night hunting are finding it more and more difficult to find prey and adapt to their surroundings.

On top of this, there are many superstitions too about owls which make people's attitude negative towards them.

Take a look at this collage of my Owl clicks and see if you do not think that they are Cute and majestic!

blog title.png

Their large eyes and stare make them look a bit daunting, I agree but they also convey curiosity and a kind of 'look into my soul' attitude - don't you think?

Anyway - here are the pics of the 6 species (out of 10 that I have captured so far) and a bit about them...

Forrest Eagle owl - The king of owls in our region. Apex predator. It can even lift away small dogs. If it's eerie cry is heard, the nocturnal critters suddenly go silent. The habitat is most difficult and I captured this beauty at 2 AM after 2 years of search!

FBL-DS1_0463_DxO-SA-1080 INSTA 1080.jpg

Mottled wood owl - This one is quite curious and keeps an eye on surroundings even in day time. It's red eye linings, white beard feathers and cackle sounding like a mad woman make people fear it. However, it is a harmless owl and feeds on rodents etc. which actually helps farmers get rid of rodent menace. I took this click as it curiously watched me and friends as we roamed around the jungle, looking for a paradise flycatcher.

FBL-_DSC1523_DxO-sharpen-stabilize FB 1024.jpg

Oriental scops owl These tiny owls (6-8 inches tall) are far smaller than the other two owls mentioned above. They are therefore difficult to find too. They also are very very shy. They can be located mostly by their call. I got this one, which is a Rufous morph, luckily on one night. It happened to sit by the roadside on an open branch just as my torch light hit the tree. The movement caught my eye and there it was! Looks fearsome and is called a Red ghost sometimes but is really very cute.

_DSC8300_DxO FULL.jpg

Spotted owlet Not technically an owl but it is so cute that I could not avoid adding it here in my wildlife conservation. These little owlets are most common around cities and hence, also, most subject to injuries and accidents around humans. I often hear them near my house - around 10 pm, having a vociferous conference. They are very territorial and keep actively protesting when intruders get in their territory. Once I happened to be out at city outskirts early morning and found this sentinel 'Night watch' keeping an eye on me, hidden in tree leaves...

FBL-_DSC5419_DxO-SA-PS FB 1080L.jpg

Brown fish owl I got this recently - after many missed attempts over 2-3 years. This one stays close to streams or lakes and catches fish. It is a large owl and usually does not leave a particular area where it gets good fishing opportunities so, technically it should have been easy to photograph this but somehow, it was never possible to take a click earlier. Finally I found it sitting on a low tree branch near a culvert and took this click at close range...

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-21 at 10.31.16 AM.jpeg

Rock eagle owl This large owl is mostly found in quarries and on rocky hills as it's name suggests. I found it near a quarry but sitting in grass outside the quarry in daytime. It was half asleep but opened it's awesome Orange eyes and fixed me with this piercing gaze. It soon realized I meant no harm and continued to sit and stare without flying away.

Refocus-DSC_1197 Full.jpg

I had lot of fun capturing these images and am also feeling good about them because they help in spreading messages about wildlife conservation.

Do you think they turned out well? Was all the effort of sleepless nights and trudging on dangerous territory at night worth it? I look forward to suggestions and shared experiences from our expert community members.

Do comment freely and let me know.

PS: @adalger, @nelinoeva, @barbara-orenya and @melinda010100 are doing a lot to encourage capturing diversity in nature and also showing a lot of love for feathered friends. I hope my pics also help their cause. I do post in those communities and support them but nocturnal photography requires skill, technology and equipment that makes it closer to photography domain too so I posted these images here.

Please comment freely and let me know your opinion. I will try to bring many different types of wildlife photos/macro/Astro posts to the community. Feedback and comments are welcome,. I am still learning many techniques and always value feedback from experts in this community.

Have a nice day everyone. Cheers!

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Owls are amazing creatures. Great shots and a good message too.

Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement

I think owls are awesome! And sometimes pretty silly. I have seen a few videos of owls walking and gosh they made me giggle. They are also a very important part of the ecosystem!

I have been meaning to ask you a question, or more like permission. Would it be okay if I made use of some of your amazing photos as references for doing some art?

Sure you can use my clicks as reference for your art. Please do not forget to mention photo credits. 😊

Of course, I will! Credit where credit is due! Thank you for being open to allowing me!

☺️. You are welcome. I am very interested in seeing your art based on my pics.

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Owls are magical creatures. Or, at least I want to think they are. 😉

Again you have awesome images. I was happy with my owls this summer and can't wait for their return. But seeing all these beauties in one post, oh boy, they are absolutely stunning.

I don't understand the superstitions, maybe because I am not superstitious at all. But to blame the owls, same goes for the ravens, for somebody's misfortune is stupid.

I think you have brilliant idea to create community about wildlife conservation. You may do it anytime and then to start gathering like-minded. Sure, there will be a big group of us (because I will definitely join). 🙂

@nelinoeva Spoken like a true nature and bird lover! I am happy you enjoyed the pics. I do not understand the superstitions as well. It is stupid but people are bound by traditions and I respect it so I do my best to educate them about owls and other animals. I am trying in my limited way to spread awareness.
I am still winding up my projects and get dragged into travel and meetings so right now is still not a good time to start a community. I will try to do it when I am able to devote a lot of personal time. Right now, I am barely managing to post and interact with community members. I am planning things such that I will get lots of free time after 3-4 months. That wound be a good time to think of a community. Will certainly ping you and let you know.
I know nothing about starting a community. Will need to learn about it first and see if I can muster up some support from leaders and heavyweights of HIVE.😅

You will receive any help you need. But take you time, I know how hard it is to do many things at the same time. I also have not enough time for Hive, but such is life.
I have just got a night visitor, a bat. Mind you, it was a huge surprise and we captured and let it go before the cats. Actually, one of the cats found it and it flew from the balcony inside the bedroom. Unbelievable. But true to myself I also managed few clicks, sooo soon I will make a post and show it. 🙂

@nelinoeva Wow - A bat? and you did not even bat an eyelid? LOL Pun intended. Most ladies I know would run screaming if a bat flies in their bedroom! As if Count Drakula flew in!
Can't wait to see the post...

Well, I was screaming and jumping. 😂
Poor thing was flying around and when stopped on the wall or the ceiling I was trying to snap a shot. Now, I see they were not quite on focus, but I will post some. Hubby already did on facebook. 😉

Wow, I am almost lost for words.
The photos of these gorgeous creatures are absolutely brilliant, but the message is just as good if not better.

So was it all worth it- there's no doubt in my mind. I hope there's not in yours!

We need to talk.

@chocolatescorpi Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Will be happy to connect and chat on discord. I am on it by the same user name. I am not online often but will certainly watch out for your message there and respond.

Unfortunately I don't get enough HiveTime as it is these days, so Discord is pretty much 'gathering dust' but if you're happy too, pls check out my website and feel free to friend me on FB or LinkedIn if you prefer
And I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Until then, be well.