Macro photography : Two Insects with a Bokeh Background

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good night friends all greetings to all of us, I hope you are always given health and success

As for this time, I will try to share some photos of the two insects that I found today in bokeh view. The first insect is an insect that we usually call (Cangkadak) or another term European mantis an insect that has a body like a grasshopper and has two front arms, looking at this insect I remember when I was little where at that time we always played with this insect, we asked this insect for directions such as where to go south, or where to go north and spontaneously he will point in that direction, sometimes right and sometimes wrong, childhood was so much fun playing with these insects even though now it looks funny when you think about it

here are some shots I've taken with bokeh backgrounds that I accidentally found






after taking a few photos, I saw something in the insect's hand, it looked like he was eating some animal, was it a ladybug? or else I can't see much myself for fear he'll walk away and I miss a few shots



then on the same flower and on another leaf I saw that there was also an insect that was there too, this insect is included in the insect species Heteroptera




those are some photos of insects that I can share today, hopefully there are some shots that you like from some of the photos that I share today with all my friends #photographylovers

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

Excelente 👍

thanks ☺

I've never seen a mantis in the wild myself , would be nice to get one infront of the camera

i hope you will get it as soon as possible they look so beautiful