Hunting Flies and Grasshoppers

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good night to all my friends who love photography, I hope you are always under the protection of the almighty

for this opportunity I will again try to share some photos of the two animals that I found yesterday, namely flies and grasshoppers, these two animals I found in different places and both have their own beauty that makes us interested to see them

the first time I saw a grasshopper on a wild leaf, after I approached it turned out that this grasshopper has such a beautiful skin color with a mixture of brown, white and black but the whole is brown, this grasshopper has two very long legs as one the way it jumps from one side to the other, and of course this grasshopper cannot fly far because of its short wings

This grasshopper belongs to the type Tettigoniidae, I find a lot of green on the body and this is the first time I found a color like this that is beautiful,





then while walking I saw a fly there, but the unique thing is that this fly is different from the others, at first glance it looks like a bee I am also a little confused, this fly has such big eyes, but I can't take some photos up close because he was so quickly moved to another place

those are some photos that I can share at this time, I will try to find some more wild animals that live there, look forward to my next post.




CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

How good those macro shots are. Especially the grasshopper. As I zoomed in more, it's features are just amazing.

Thanks for sharing.

thank you very much for your good feed and have seen some of the photos from what I shared

Great closeups of these insects, good job !

thank's brothers

Well managed macro shots @vikar friend!... I'm impressed that you make them with a mobile phone camera.... Excellent!

!discovery 17


thank you very much for the good feedback from you and also the support, yes I like you said all the shots I took with my Hanphnoe camera,

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