Hunt for Two Unique Caterpillars

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good night to all photography lovers wherever you are, I hope you are always under the protection of the almighty,

For today's opportunity I will again try to share some photos of the two types of caterpillars that I found in my yard a few days ago, these two caterpillars have such a unique shape, I really like them both and it's a little ticklish when I have to take some photos at a distance that is so close

for the first caterpillar is an orange caterpillar, which has a unique shape, what is unique is that on its body it looks like thorns that are so sharp and pound on several parts which are actually the hairs of the caterpillar but if it hits the hand it is so sharp and immediately sticks, This caterpillar is a species of caterpillar Monema flavescens, the eyes are also very small and cute, I have a little difficulty taking photos of the glasses and also I am not too brave to take photos of the caterpillar at such a close distance, I don't know how beautiful this caterpillar will be if it becomes a butterfly, here are some photos.







then I found another caterpillar that has a unique body shape that also at first glance looks like a seahorse, and also has four legs like the dragon in the film I watched, its face is red and its body is green with black spots, this caterpillar is included in the species caterpillar Xanthodes






those are some photos that I can share today, hopefully there are some of my shots that make you like my post today.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

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I don't like them, but to photograph them the se are perfect. You have managed to capture them nicely.

me too, this is very scary, what's more if it gets on a part of the body it will be very itchy, thank you for your good feedback

It's always amazing to see what surrounds us from another perspective, beautiful pictures!

thank you very much, this is really very beautiful even though I feel very scared when approaching it

I totally love this pictures. You have a great talent for photography and those caterpillars look even more amazing than what they are

 6 months ago Reveal Comment

thanks brothers ☺