Exciting Two Spider Hunt

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good night everyone, greetings to all of us, I hope you are always given health

As for today I will try to share some photos of my shots today where today I choose a different hunting spot, if I usually go to several gardens but today I explored the edge of the village road in my area, and there was a lot of growth on the side of the road wild plants there must be a lot of insects living there

when I tried to look for some wild trees there, on a taro leaf I saw a green spider there, I tried to get closer and take some pictures



because the space for taking photos is narrow, I tried to get the spider to move slowly to another leaf and luckily he complied



I tried folding the taro leaves slowly and produced a beautiful style


This spider belongs to the spider species Peucetia viridans This spider is classified as a slightly docile spider and I turned the leaf a few times but it still didn't jump, like the last style I took


next, I saw that there was a large tree trunk that was weathered and already mossy but when I noticed it turned out that there were spiders there but the color was very similar to the tree trunk so it was hard to see


I led the Spider down to step on the moss so I could take some more interesting shots




until finally he reached the highest peak of the hill and looked more powerful with an attractive style



These spiders are included in the Spider species Pardosa milvina which does have a basic coat color of gray and black

Those are some photos of both types of spiders that I can share with friends #photographylovers today with some snap styles that I make myself suddenly so that objects look more interesting and creative.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

Woah! what a great camera you have on your phone, and god what a great specimen! I think it's super cool to be able to see up close the appearance of these creatures u,u

Yay! 🤗
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