Green sea turtles eating jellyfish.

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Living in Brisbane, Queensland I am luck to have the Great Barrier Reef only a six hour drive away to the southern part of Great Barrier Reef at Lady Musgrave

It is always a stunning place to go for a snorkel, and I always love swimming with green sea turtles!


But this trip was definitely the best swimming with turtles experience I have ever had!


Not only were these turtles not bothered by me swimming along side them, but they were out eating comb jellyfish along the surface.


I had my trusty YI 4k action cam with me to capture them swimming up for a snack.


Comb jellyfish are hard to see at first. I didn't even notice they were all around me at the surface of the water until the Turtles started to eat them.


Comb jellyfish are like a jelly bean treat for these turtles.


It was so cool to see them actually hunting the jellyfish.


I hope you like the photos 😊


These are some amazingly beautiful shots. I love the color of the water and that turtle looks amazing! Thanks for sharing here with us! =)

Thank you 😊 it was so awesome watching these turtles eat jellyfish! I have never witnessed that before.

They must have been 'Spicy' hahaha

Such a cool experience swimming along these guys while they were snacking! Cant wait to go back again 🐢 !LOLZ

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Awesome thank you very much 🙌🙌