Long Exposure in My Downtown

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Enjoy a cup of sanger (Acehnese term for special mixed milk coffee) this afternoon on the banks of the Cunda river, Lhokseumawe. A hut is in the middle of the river along with a special bridge. Yeah, it's a local fisherman's building. And across from it is the bridge of public facilities, a one-way route out of the city of Lhokseumwe.

Here are four long exposure shots there until the sky darkens.

DSC06717 +.jpg

DSC06715 +.jpg

DSC06724 +.jpg

Thank You!
Irfan M Nur (@vannour)
Make SONY ILCE-6500, E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS Lens.
Expoxure: 30 sec; ISO 100


Nyoe ka jeut neu perno loem loen gure

You have a good eye for recognizing objects of interest. Through your point of view, all ordinary things become extraordinary. Great!

I think it's normal. If you think it's an x-factor talent 😆, I'll be with you hunting together while in Banda Aceh

Wow, this is a good opportunity and should not be wasted. I really wish you said that, but right now I've lost the camera.

oh, how come?

We'd better talk about this later while we're sipping coffee, right? :)


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