Night Light Through The Trees

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Hey, friends, on this occasion I will share my experience at night, precisely in front of my yard. This photo moment I took at night is very beautiful.

  When the night light penetrates the gaps in the leaves, which makes a very perfect light habit, and I don't forget to capture it.




  The night sky is usually only illuminated by the moon and stars. However, in very rare cases, the night sky can also be illuminated by luminous clouds that reflect sunlight.

  Luminous clouds form at an altitude of 80-85 kilometers in the atmosphere. Cloud light is actually reflected sunlight. The location of the high clouds makes it able to reflect light even though the sun itself has set.

Usually, this phenomenon, also called mesosphere polar cloud, occurs when the temperature drops to -130 degrees Celsius. Mostly, the phenomenon occurs in the northern and southern hemispheres, areas above 50 degrees latitude. Mathhews DeLand of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center told last week that the phenomenon was rare at first. Over the past 11 years of studying, DeLand has only found it once. However, DeLand said, now the phenomenon is becoming more common and the light is getting brighter. He suspects, this increase is related to changes in temperature and humidity in the mesosphere.

  A decrease in temperature causes more ice or clouds to form. The higher humidity triggers the formation of larger ice particles, which can reflect more light. By increasing the number of glowing cloud phenomena, the temperature of the mesosphere may be lower. DeLand said an increase in the amount of greenhouse gases could be the reason for the drop in temperature.

Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that radiates heat into space, causes cooling. Methane increases humidity because sunlight converts methane into water.
So far, researchers are not sure the most influential factor, whether humidity or temperature. However, DeLand ensured, this would be the focus of further research. Noted, this phenomenon last occurred in Billund, Denmark, on July 15, 2010 ago. DeLand has been studying this cloud from instrument data and satellite data since 1978.

Well, that's some brief exposure about night light, I hope it's useful guys….

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