How mobile photography can be amazing with GCAM!

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If you do some mobile photography or love taking some shots with your phone as a general user, then most probably hear about the google camera or GCAM which are official cameras as built-in in Pixels phones. But often any android user can install the GCAM which is at least higher than android 8 unofficially you can install a GCAM application from third-party websites. I will not share the link as these are often can be a source of malware. But why do people install the GCAM on their smartphones, let's try to find out with my own experience in my SAMSUNG GALAXY S20FE 5G version on which the GCAM runs smoothly without any awkward situation of crashes!

One of the most powerful image optimizations is offered by Google in GCAM and many people are not buying the Pixels thus the unofficial versions are spreading the internet for different brands and different models. Even many tops branded latest and the highest configured phones are not satisfying the owner and they often install the GACAM. The GCAM indeed offers some amazing photo-taking experiences for its users. The artificial intelligence and the post-photo-taken customization have made a significant difference that can be noticed when the same photo is taken from the same mobile but using the default camera app and the GCAM.

Default phone cameraUnofficial GCAM application

It is clear that the Vibrant color of the GCAM will attract most of the users as colorful things are always more beautiful. Also, GCAM's photo offers a more accurate view with high definition in the photos, which is amazing! With the same camera set up and conditions, GCAM is doing far ahead to make the photo more beautiful. Another thing is that GCAM is not making the image beautiful with some shitty effects bu the beauty cameras styles which destroy the images. But here the images are taken with more post-photo optimization and artificial intelligence.

Default phone cameraUnofficial GCAM application

Default phone cameraUnofficial GCAM application

There are many advantages to using GCAM over the built-in CAMERA from many perspectives besides the vibrant color and crystal clear images. The GCAM also offers some amazing settings for taking professional-level photos that are not included in the default CAMERA system! One of the major advantages is that GACA performs great in controlling the oversaturated images which are not properly handled with the default camera. Also, the AI part of the image is customized in the best way than any other phone camera!

In addition, GCAM does excellent jobs in color balance, white balance, exposure settings, edge detection in portraits, and HDR enhancement-like features from Pixel devices. As a result, the overall image comes out to be good as compared to the default camera app in many aspects. Last but not least, another exciting feature of GCAM is the night sight feature which is the best according to my opinion. It takes great night-mode shots even in very low-light surroundings. In all shots, it offers great edge detection which improves the image quality significantly!

Default phone cameraUnofficial GCAM application


There are also some drawbacks and limitations for GCAM like it can't handle the zooms as my Samsung does with the default camera app. Some other related drawbacks are mentioned below

  • Most of the time it is very difficult to find the appropriate version of the GCAM app that will be perfect for your phone, Often it kills a lot of time to find a good version of GCAM for a respective brand and particular model!

  • Some Flagships of the top branded phones offer the best camera which is not so logical for competing with the GACAM. These devices offer great stock cameras.

  • Many old devices are not capable of handling the unofficial GCAM apps which is pathetic as those old devices have old software and camera setup which gives very bad photos!

Default phone cameraUnofficial GCAM application

Some more shots from the GCAM

Thank you so much for your time and attention in reading my post. Enjoy your every day in the best way you can. I will catch you at the next one!
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Definitely a great tool for Phone photographers, it improves a lot the quality

Thanks for stopping by. Sure it’s a great choice to utilize the cmera module at it best.

It is a pleasure my friend

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