Telescope a day 3/7

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This 2m telescope is consider lower end of medium size. It is located in Ondrejov Observatory near Prague, Czech Republic.

Unlike amateur telescopes and public outreach montages these telescopes do not have an eyepiece, which means that observations are recorded using Charge-Coupled Device cameras or short CCD camera; somewhat similar to the ones inside the modern-day digital cameras (unless you have CMOS :)); however, they do have special additions and upgrade to effective sensitivity and dynamic ranges; as well as reducing heat noise and something in astronomy called Dark current and improving Quantum Efficiency by constantly cooling the CCD using Peltier coolers to bring the temperature down to -40˚ C or liquid nitrogen to get the working temperature ranges of about -100˚C to -120˚C (150 Kelvins).

And just to have the perspective how big 2m telescope construction actually is, check this photo. :)

If you happen to have available witness votes and searching for a dedicated witness on hive network, consider investigating and eventually casting a vote for crowdwitness.



That's how high quality Canon L tele lenses look and feel when you have to hold them up for a few minutes.

Hahaha, you just made my day :)

What a beauty.

I've never looked through a telescope that big before. I don't think I've ever even looked through one of the smaller personal ones for that matter. It would be really cool to see the stars through one of those