Two very interesting species (Bothrogonia - Adoretus)

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Hi my friends, how are you, have a nice day, today I have some stock photos of insects that I met two days ago and some pictures of these little animals that I want to capture all of you and hope you like it.

Two days ago I went back around the wild garden here and I found two species of small animals in different places, these two species are known as Bothrogonia and Adoretus, the first I found this one small Bothrogonia animal crawling on the leaves wild and that's when I went straight to it and took a few angles of focus from this Bothrogonia with some maximum and perfect shots.


Bothrogonia has a very small and unique body shape and is orange in color and is also a threat to agriculture because it likes to attack vegetable crops.

Bothrogonia is a genus of leafhoppers with a large number of species distributed across the Old World......Wikipedia

Adoretus is a genus of Scarabaeidae or scarab beetles......Wikipedia

The last one I found in a different place and this small beetle known as Adoretu has a unique and interesting body shape, and at that time I took some objects from this little animal and I edited it with the back screen in black and you can see it in below are some portraits of this Adoretus.


LocationAceh, Indonesia

When bothrogonia are found in one Bean farm he or she should look for solution in time right? thanks for the eye opener

When bothrogonia are found in one Bean farm he or she should look for solution in time right? thanks for the eye opener

These are sharp macro shots, love the colors and details 😍😍😊.
And you shots them on a mobile device, wow 😲

Nice one man!

thank you very much

wow you took these photos from your smartphone? that's impressive. i thought it was from a camera, the quality is very stunning.

Yay! 🤗
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