Two very beautiful and attractive species of small animals and very graceful wildflowers

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Hello all my friends, have a nice day and be well wherever you are.

This Wednesday I went back around the wild garden today to look for macro objects for my post this time, and in this wild garden there are lots of wild plants growing because it is no longer maintained so several species of insects like to play in this wild garden.

And as usual I always carry a smartphone camera and macro lens in my bag wherever I go, and when I got there I immediately explored this wild garden and hoped to get some macro photography pictures, and at that time I was not in vain finally got two very beautiful species of small animals and wildflowers.

And on today's occasion, as usual, I will return to show some of these portraits and I hope you like them and enjoy them.

The first is the lady beetle species or better known by another name, namely the Mexican bean beetle which has a rather small and round body shape, and has a very beautiful pattern shape and has its own characteristics and at that time the lady beetle was crawling on one of the leaf stalks, and at that time I immediately took several picture poses that looked very beautiful and graceful.

The Mexican bean beetle (Epilachna varivestis) is a species of lady beetle that can be an agricultural pest.....Wikipedia

And all my friends can see below some portraits of this lady beetle species and I hope you like it and enjoy it.








The second is a species of grasshopper or better known by another name, namely Pseudochorthippus parallelus which has a rather small body shape compared to other grasshoppers, at that time this grasshopper was crawling on one of the wild leaves and with great care I immediately took several shots looks very pretty and unique.

Pseudochorthippus parallelus[1] (often known by its synonym Chorthippus parallelus), the meadow grasshopper,[2] is a common species of grasshopper in the tribe Gomphocerini.....Wikipedia






The latter is a wild flower or better known by another name, namely Acmella oleracea which has a very attractive petal shape with a very bright color and looks very beautiful with its own characteristics, and wild flowers like to grow anywhere and at that time I took a few angles pictures and looks very beautiful and perfect.

Acmella oleracea is a species of flowering herb in the family Asteraceae. Common names include toothache plant, Szechuan buttons,[2] paracress, buzz buttons,[3] tingflowers and electric daisy.....Wikipedia

And you can see below some portraits of this wildflower.







LocationAceh, Indonesia
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