Three species of insects that are very beautiful and unique in the rice fields

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Good evening everyone, how are you, photographlovers friends, and I hope you have a great day and are in good condition wherever you do your activities today.

Macro object lovers friends are back with my post tonight, as usual I am back around the rice fields to hunt for macro objects from several species of insects that play in this rice field area, and become a threat to agricultural crops because some of these insects become agricultural pests because they like to attack rice plants.

The first is a species of round beetle or better known by another name Coelophora inaequalis, It has a small round body shape with orange and black spots with small eyes that look very beautiful and unique.

Coelophora inaequalis, the variable ladybird,[1] common Australian lady beetle[2] or common Australian ladybug[3] is a ladybird species endemic to Australia, Oceania and Southern Asia.....Wikipedia

Coelophora inaequalis




The second is a species of small grasshopper insect or better known by another name, namely Oxya, with a small body shape with a bright green color with characteristics that have antennas that are shorter than its body and look very attractive.

Oxya[1][2] is a genus of grasshoppers (Caelifera: Acrididae) found in Africa and Asia (where some species may be called "rice grasshoppers").....Wikipedia





The last one is the long dragonfly species or better known by another name, namely this Telebasis, and at that time I saw him standing on a log and at that time I immediately approached him and took several angles of the picture which looked very beautiful.

Telebasis is a genus of damselflies in the family Coenagrionidae. The genus occurs in the Neotropics. Most of the species are red with a few blue species in South America.....Wikipedia






LocationAceh, Indonesia

The appearance of some of the pictures of insects that you show are wrong and you have got a very clear focus on the insects.


Yay! 🤗
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