Three species namely bedbugs, butterflies and flies are very beautiful and unique in the wild garden today

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Good evening everyone, I hope you have a great day this weekend and hope you are in good condition.

This time I went back to exploring the wild garden where there were lots of wild plants growing so that many species of insects like to live here, and at that time I immediately went around the wild garden to look for several kinds of insect species, finally I was not in vain because I got three very beautiful insect species beautiful and truly stunning.

The first is a species of bedbug insect or better known by another name Pentatomomorpha which has a very unique shape with very bright colors, and at that time I took several portraits that looked very beautiful, especially since I had edited them and they looked very attractive.

The Pentatomomorpha comprise an infraorder of insects in the true bug order Hemiptera.....Wikipedia






After I photographed this flea insect and I at that time I saw the other two species of insects that looked very beautiful and elegant and at that time I immediately chased the two insects so I could take some pictures.

And it was not in vain that I finally got these two species of insects, namely the Holly blue butterfly and the Neurigona fly, and you can see them below, some of the pictures look very beautiful and elegant and I hope you like them.

The holly blue (Celastrina argiolus)[1] is a butterfly that belongs to the lycaenids or blues family and is native to the Palearctic.....Wikipedia

holly blue



Neurigona is a genus of flies in the family Dolichopodidae.....Wikipedia




LocationAceh, Indonesia