Oxyopes salticus species spider that looks very elegant around my backyard garden

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On this occasion, I went back around my back garden and at that time I was walking and I accidentally saw one of the spiders standing on wild plants and around my back garden, and at that time I immediately approached it to see up close, it turns out that this is a spider known by another name, namely Oxyopes salticus which has a very unique shape, has six legs with two very beautiful small eyeballs.

And at that time I immediately approached it very carefully so that this spider would not go the other way and at that time I managed to capture several portraits that looked very beautiful and elegant, and on this occasion I will as usual capture several portraits of this Oxyopes salticus type spider and hope you guys like it.

Oxyopes salticus is a species of spider in the family Oxyopidae.....Wikipedia

Oxyopes salticus








LocationAceh, Indonesia

I consider them scary and would avoid them, but these shots are excellent.

yes indeed this spider is very scary, and thank you very much for liking it and I really appreciate it.

I think it´s beautiful

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