Beautiful and elegant dragonfly - [Neurothemis fulvia]

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Hello all friends and have a nice day wherever you are and always in good health and in your activities today.

This time I found one very beautiful dragonfly and is known by the name of this type of Neurothemis fulvia, from a rather small body shape with a dark red color that looks very bright and has two of me attached to the body of this Neurothemis fulvia dragonfly.

At that time I saw this dragonfly standing on one of the logs and I immediately approached it to take some angles of the object picture of this dragonfly species, and at that time I managed to take some of these Neurothemis fulvia dragonflies which look very elegant and really beautiful.

Neurothemis fulvia,[2] the fulvous forest skimmer,[3][4] is a species of dragonfly found in Asia.....Wikipedia

And my best friend can see it below and hope you guys like it and can enjoy it.

Neurothemis fulvia








LocationNorth Aceh, Indonesia

In the first photo, at first glance I thought it was a fairy. xd

thank you very much, it's not a fairy but a very beautiful and unique creature..😆

Nice photos 👌🙌

Cantik sekali capungnya berwarna merah, dan hasil foto yg bagus juga.
Halo kak Ridor, postinganmu telah dikurasi secara manual oleh tim Indonesianhiver sebagai postingan kelompok temuan kurator. Saat ini kami sedang membangun proyek kurasi lintas komunitas utk membantu berkembangnya blogger Indonesia.
Kami harap kakak mau bergabung agar nilai kurasi untuk kakak dan blogger indonesia lainnya semakin besar :)
Terima Kasih dan tetap semangat blogging :)

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