Stunning collection of vintage film projectors at Kino Kijow in Krakow

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I´m coming with something very special and unusual for my blog as this post will show you 20 shots of vintage film projectors that I got to see by coincidence a few days ago. Now, I´m not really a huge movie fan and only go to cinema very rarely (I mean very very rarely, like once in 10 years :D) but I just happened to visit one last weekend and very soon after getting there, I realized that it was anything but your common cinema...

Located on the Zygmunta Krasinskiego Street here in Krakow, Poland the place is called "Kino Kijow", which would translate as the "Kiev Cinema". Apparently, it´s a massive, old cinema complex with many different halls and auditoriums where a wide range of cultural events have been taking place for decades. I might write another post about what exactly this iconic cinema complex offers and what you can see in there but let me dedicate this post to something that I had probably never seen before. Vintage film projectors. Beautiful fancy shiny metal old school film projectors. Let me show you what I mean...





















Just like I said, I´m not one of those movie fanatics who have seen every single movie you can think of, I don´t go to cinema and I´m definitely not a fan of old cinematographic technologies but I still found something noble or maybe even fascinating about these beautiful vintage pieces that I happened to see at Kino Kijow. This very interesting collection of old film projectors is located in the cafe on the first floor of the cinema complex so if you happen to be in there just like I did a few days ago, make sure to stop by the cafe and take a look at these fancy retro guys ;) It´s a kind of traveling back in time experience ;)

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Bravo!! Bardzo mocny post!!

Dziekuje bardzo! :D

What a tremendous retro collection! It was the coolest cinema when I was a kid (before the multiplex era) 😃 I haven't been there for ages!

Wow, that´s so cool to have a comment here from someone who actually went to this cinema! Thank you for that :) Maybe it´s time to stop by there again, if you still live in Krakow :)

We don't get to see anything like these in the modern times. Glad to have museums and people like you who capture abd share its content with the community later on.

That´s right, technologies in general evolve so fast... Fortunately the old stuff can still be seen and admired at places like this cinema :) Thanks for stopping by Andy!

That’s a stunning collection you visited @phortun
So many… very cool to see. Some unique, and so bigggg. Compared with nowadays 🤣😂 hahaha
Have a great day!

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment here, I´m really glad you enjoyed this little "traveling back in time" photo tour :) Have a nice day too!

You are so welcome @phortun 😊
Thank you so much 👋🏻☀️😁

Very neat and interesting collection of history there. I know it was an art in keeping these machines running. As much as I understand about photography this is a whole other realm of optics. Great set!

Thank you very much for this nice comment, it really means a lot coming from a great photographer like you. Honestly, I don´t know anything about the "science" behind photography or video but I thought that those who do might enjoy these shots. There are these "old school engineering vibes" about them and even a technological illiterate like me can feel it :)

Fabulous collection! But how small everything has become now. Almost all of them fit in our pockets. I fell in love with these :)

Haha that´s right :) I know it´s not obvious from the photos as there is nothing to compare with for the scale but the machines were really huge. And they must be super heavy too, that´s a lot of iron right there :D

They were used to so big like Hubble or Webb :)

Haha, that´s right, it sort of felt like being in NASA :D

Yup, this was great to see. Isn't it fascinating how it all evolves so fast?

It is :) Just a few decades and it feels like a different world :)

This is very nice and I love every part of it

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the collection :)

A nice collection of projectors. All very unique. They actually look a bit like microscope !

They really do look like giant microscopes :D But at the same time, they also remind of space telescopes as @videoaddiction noted above :D Interesting piece of vintage engineering for sure. Thanks for checking out the photos!

@tipu curate

awesome stuff. always in love with the vintage thingies (unless I have to work with it as an only tool possible, haha)))

Haha that´s a good point actually :) Vintage things are cool to look at but I cannot imagine working with them :D Thanks for checking out the photos and for the beer too! Cheers :)

That's so awesome. I can see there are posters behind one of them. Are those the films the projector ran? Looks like it.

Sharp eye! Yeah, there are film posters too but I don´t know if they have anything to do with the projectors. Maybe. You want me to go there and find out? :D

It's quite possible that those are films from the same era of the projectors. I'm actually curious to know how a modern projector looks like; gonna have to google it.

These would look so cool in the living room as vintage decor

Oh yeah, that would be cool! :) But it would take a decently sized living room to fit them in there :)

That's some really interesting pictures! Even though I don't understand much, I'm sure they are a lot more cool for the film enthusiasts ☺️

Haha exactly :) I cannot really appreciate these things either but I´m sure those who can would do :) But even I could tell that the old machines looked very cool :)

Wow this is a nice collection, the evolution of this material is far from this beautiful old one. Love it. Thank you for sharing brother

Right. I don´t know why old things are so appealing. Same with old cars for example. Seems like there really is something to the saying that "old is gold" :D

Bellissime foto. Complimenti.

Thanks :)

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Really? Then it was my pleasure to show you this little sample of the old cinematographic technologies :) Thanks for checking out the pictures!

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