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RE: Fun at night - Whoooooo goes there! Owl clicks with Wildlife conservation message

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Owls are magical creatures. Or, at least I want to think they are. πŸ˜‰

Again you have awesome images. I was happy with my owls this summer and can't wait for their return. But seeing all these beauties in one post, oh boy, they are absolutely stunning.

I don't understand the superstitions, maybe because I am not superstitious at all. But to blame the owls, same goes for the ravens, for somebody's misfortune is stupid.

I think you have brilliant idea to create community about wildlife conservation. You may do it anytime and then to start gathering like-minded. Sure, there will be a big group of us (because I will definitely join). πŸ™‚

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@nelinoeva Spoken like a true nature and bird lover! I am happy you enjoyed the pics. I do not understand the superstitions as well. It is stupid but people are bound by traditions and I respect it so I do my best to educate them about owls and other animals. I am trying in my limited way to spread awareness.
I am still winding up my projects and get dragged into travel and meetings so right now is still not a good time to start a community. I will try to do it when I am able to devote a lot of personal time. Right now, I am barely managing to post and interact with community members. I am planning things such that I will get lots of free time after 3-4 months. That wound be a good time to think of a community. Will certainly ping you and let you know.
I know nothing about starting a community. Will need to learn about it first and see if I can muster up some support from leaders and heavyweights of HIVE.πŸ˜…

You will receive any help you need. But take you time, I know how hard it is to do many things at the same time. I also have not enough time for Hive, but such is life.
I have just got a night visitor, a bat. Mind you, it was a huge surprise and we captured and let it go before the cats. Actually, one of the cats found it and it flew from the balcony inside the bedroom. Unbelievable. But true to myself I also managed few clicks, sooo soon I will make a post and show it. πŸ™‚

@nelinoeva Wow - A bat? and you did not even bat an eyelid? LOL Pun intended. Most ladies I know would run screaming if a bat flies in their bedroom! As if Count Drakula flew in!
Can't wait to see the post...

Well, I was screaming and jumping. πŸ˜‚
Poor thing was flying around and when stopped on the wall or the ceiling I was trying to snap a shot. Now, I see they were not quite on focus, but I will post some. Hubby already did on facebook. πŸ˜‰