Extreme Weather, Lightning strikes

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The weather in my area is rainy season and strong winds every day. So, at night, lightning strikes are clearly visible like tree roots that are behind the clouds.

Oh yeah, I also haven't written a post in this amazing community in a long time. Yes, as we know that in this community there are many great photographers from all over the world who have joined this community. And this is useful for me who is still studying in the world of photography. I haven't taken a picture like this in a long time either. So, last night when I was at home with my family. There was a flash of light from behind the window of the house. At that time, I immediately peeked out while observing the lightning's exit point.

Because this moment is only momentary. So, I immediately moved to grab all my equipment, and find the right position to capture this truly amazing moment. I have programmed the camera settings before. So, I can take a picture right away. As we know, photographing lightning flashes is a very dangerous thing. We still have to always be vigilant in the process of shooting lightning flashes. Well, here are some photos taken by my camera this time. Hope you guys like it.








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All Picture Taken With Sony A7 II Camera
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I am doing well on [earth] our planet. Beauty pictures.

Thank you @toohip

Thank you @toohip

Wow this is very nice and thanks for sharing.

Thank you verry much for your like my pict

Beautiful photos... light strikes are savage and that make them beautiful

Thank you

it is a pleasure my friend

What a beautiful moment capture.


Good lightning shots. It's really hard to capture... in more ways than one.

thank you for the appreciation
Yes, that's right, it's very difficult to photograph it. I had to be patient to wait and often dodge when the lightning flash was too big and close to me.