Longlands Jacobean Northern Manor House

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On a recent trip to the north of England for a meetup with fellow hiviens.
I needed somewhere to stay overnight and found this incredible Youth hostel near the town of Haworth (Bronte country).

Longlands Northern Manor House

Longlands is a typical example of a style of Northern Manor house built for wealthy 19th century mill owners who made huge fortunes from the wool trade.

Designed by architect JB Bailey and built between 1882-1884 for Edward Robinson Merrall in the *Jacobean style. It is an imposing building situated on the top of a hill overlooking the town of Haworth in the valley below.

*The Jacobean era was the period in English and Scottish history that coincides with the reign of James VI of Scotland who also inherited the crown of England in 1603 as James I. The Jacobean era succeeds the Elizabethan era and precedes the Caroline era. Wikipedia

This emulation of earlier styles of building was an attempt to legitimize the wealth of the noveau rich. Many of which had amassed huge fortunes in the industrial revolution era.
It was a way to show off ones wealth rather like the lambo or yacht owners of today.

Longlands Northern Manor House Entrance Hall

Longlands Northern Manor House Reception

Longlands Northern Manor House Foyer

Longlands Northern Manor House Painted Glass Window

Longlands Northern Manor House Balustrade Detail

Longlands Northern Manor House Ceiling Detail

Longlands Northern Manor House Servants Entrance

Longlands Northern Manor House Dining hall

Longlands Northern Manor House Dining Hall

Longlands Northern Manor House Continental Breakfast

Longlands Northern Manor House Full English Breakfast

Longlands Northern Manor House Gardens

Longlands Northern Manor House Servants Stairway

The house has passed through many hands over the years and was finally purchased by the Youth hostel association in 1970's with the aid of several grants from the countryside commission, West Yorkshire county council and the dept of education and science. It opened as a youth hostel in 1976.


I paid £35 for a one night stay with breakfast and while the house is very impressive the accommodation is pretty standard for a youth hostel. Clean, tidy and comfortable.

I had the whole dormitory to myself which was very good. I'd ordered a single room but there are none at this hostel. The breakfast was good with plenty of options.

Overall a good excuse to stay in a historic building in a beautiful place if we ignore the child slavery and terrible working conditions that built it?

If you would like to see the kinds of technology that was common at the time and generated the immense wealth that built this house take a look at this playlist of
Industrial revolution era steam engines.

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I thought they'd turn this into some sort of grand hotel, I was waiting to see the 4 poster bed photos, and was surprised to see a dom instead (ok, I missed the youth hostel bit at the beginning as I was distracted by the large photo label).

Is £35 including the big breakfast as well?

I'm sure they would have turned it into 'luxury apartments' these days.

Back in the 70's things were quite different.
There was still a sense of society and community and a lot less selfishness and snobbery.

The breakfast was delicious and included in the price.

I tried that place you mentioned in vindolanda but it was fully booked. It looked like an interesting place to stay. Next time I'll book the telegraph place in advance. 🤦‍♂️😂👍

Personally, if I had the wealth, I think I would go with the 19th century manor over a lambo but that's just me :).


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Yep I would go for the house too. Lambos are hard to get in and out of! 😂👍

Thank you for sharing some of your photography here, I am entertained to see.

Thanks for sharing your comments.👍


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