Pixel 7 vs Olympus TG-6- Round 2

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This is a continuation of my previous post in which I compare the images taken using Google's newest phone, the Pixel 7, and the point-and-shoot rugged camera, Olympus Tough TG-6. As I mentioned in round 1, this comparison is not meant to be overly systematic. There are simply too many variables that need to be controlled. I still think it's a bit of fun for those who, like me, love to compare things.

My first impression with the Pixel 7 is that, on normal camera mode, it takes sharp pictures that can look a bit over-processed (especially if zoom is engaged). Using the HDR mode in the TG-6 helps capture a nicer range of colors but details are not as crisp as on the Pixel.

I did not post-process the images with any software. From the looks of it, the Pixel tends to enhance the cool blues while the TG-6 works with the warm reds, and so it's more ideal to capture those yellow-orange fall colours. I think the Pixel would do well taking snapshots of snow, but I don't believe the battery is meant to work in temperatures below 0. My old Nexus used to shut down when the temps got cold. This is where the rugged TG-6 camera is useful because it's designed to work at temperatures as low as -10 deg C, and its waterproof to boot. Perfect for cold snowy weather.

Pixel 7Olympus TG-6

Images by @litguru

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It seems like the phone is oriented in portrait and the camera is landscape. Is there a way in round three that you can do the phone landscape or the camera portrait to get a fair measure of the orientation when comparing. Either way... i see the phone is better in some instances and the camera in others. Pretty impressive on both ends to be honest!

Yes, I did need to orient the phone. I've never compared the two, so I didn't know. Heh. Live and learn. I tried to export the images using the same size, but they still looked different. Some cropping would do the trick but alter the image.

The phone is quite impressive. It captures nice rich detail. The pro version has even better optics, including macro capabilities. Now I hear that a phone from Xiaomi will let you attach Leica lenses. Phones are turning into weird little beasts.

That's craziest phone attachment i've ever seen ....so far. hahaha
The auto rotate on phones can jack with the orientations sometimems. I've seen some folks that do great photography with their phones.

I'll keep experimenting with it and learn more about what it can do. Not enough hours in the day to play with all these goodies!