Insect macros - Leaf beetles & ptecticus


Hi hivers,
Exploring the vast land in one of the farmers' gardens that are not well cared for. Bushes, grass, hearing mosquito singing, vicious little pacat, that's where I found some macro photos of insects.

It doesn't happen easily. Sharpness of the eye to see is very important, because sometimes some insects hide under bushy leaves.


In addition, the breath must also be strong. Because when shooting, if you don't hold your breath, the results will not be perfect, the photo will be blurry.

So, while hunting for insects in the bush, I found Leaf beetle.
A beautiful insect that has a purple body color and a red head.


Next is an insect from the fly genus, although it looks like a wasp but google says it is a fly or has a scientific name Ptecticus
This insect looks attractive by having two cool mustaches :)

Okay! here are some macro photos of insects that I share in my post this time. Have a nice day, hivers.





CameraOppo Reno6 + Macro Lens
CategoryInsects Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia

Love this macro photography, it captures the insect in lots of detail.

Thank you @afterglow for the appreciation.

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Thank you.

Wow this is the first time I saw the details of a beetles, they are beautiful. I mostly see them in encyclopedia but these pictures of you gave justice to what kind of beauty they have.

Thank you @grecyg. They (beetle) really like to hide behind the leaves, sometimes when the camera is right and then fly away. Sometimes annoying too :)