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Okay, on my way home, I spotted this old tractor located inside our local government office. The tractors are all old now since the owners ain't making use of it anymore.

I admired the two poor machine so much that I was pushed to take some snapshots.
Below, you will find the image of these two tractors taken at different angles.

I don't know the exact name for this type of tractor but the red colour seems so eye-catching.

Looking closely, you will notice that almost every part of the machine is wearing out already.

Now, let's see the other tractor in green colour. Well, frankly speaking, I don't know the function of this machine in the farm field. But it has a container probably for carrying farm items.

Inside the container are some useful materials from this machine. They use for tilling the soil according to observations.

Here is the front view of the machine.

The big tires are now useless and the stirring doesn't longer move freely. But in future, these two tractors can be useful again if they're worked on.

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