Science Or Art?

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A couple of days ago I asked you, how do you illustrate data? How would you present data to be visualized by the public? I showed you a few methods in my post, called Hidden Patterns. Today I'm going to show you a lot more interesting data illustration you may have never seen before.



Data, flavor, network of ingredients, regional cuisines and so on.


And this is how it looks like.





Now if you're bored, here's some formulas, to calculate, whatever these are serving for :) Looking at it now, oh God! Seems like it's been ages.

So those boards above illustrate network canons, protein networks, link thinking, knowing the nodes, curveballs, depth perception, the color of diseases, virtual reality and so on.


Now we're talking about data sculpture and 3D printing is contributing to that a lot. As you can see, today we have colored 3D printing which can help illustrate data.


This is how 3D printing looked like before applying colors. I'm sure it's not what scientists would have wanted.




As you can see, the analysis of virus spreading started in 2009. Covid-19 is mentioned here, but please note, I'm not interested in discussing Covid, if it was real or not or conspiracy theories and so on. All the comments about Covid will be disregarded. The purpose of this post is to show you how data can be analyzed and illustrated.











What you saw above were hot networks and the effect of heat on networks.




What you see in the photo above was the door to another universe.


At first glance, all this looks like a mix of styles and eras. In a way it is but it's way more than that.

The room is in a building that dates back to mid 19th century if I'm not mistaken. Obviously over the years went through a lot of renovation works, but when it was given back to the city, somewhere after 1990, most of the rooms were restored to their original state and the walls were decorated accordingly.



The chandelier is also a nice piece to pay attention to.


If I were to give a title to the photo above, I'd say Old & New. Look at that fireplace. A real artwork on its own, manually made as back in those days there was no mass production and there were no machines.


This looks like digital art, NFT maybe, and in a way it is, but this is data illustration first.


Usually I don't like too many vivid colors in one place, but this one is something to admire. The fineness of it is what I like the most. Standing there admiring it, was thinking how much people would pay for it, or maybe I'm the only weirdo who likes it.


This one is just as lovely as the previous one.



This door has nothing to do with the exhibition, but I'm a huge door and window fan and I love it.




A different background would have been nicer, but since this is a historical room, repainting the walls is out of the question.



Now if you were wondering what those colorful digital paintings are representing, here's your answer. It's absolutely fascinating and I must say, hats off to the team. With technology developing with breakneck speed, I think we're going to see more astonishing representation.

It may look boring to some, but for me it was an exhibition that I will not forget easily. It's a whole new universe, many of us have no idea exists.

Have you ever seen such an exhibition?

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



I think the world is moving on at a fast pace to have all these data translated into what looks like an abstract painting. They look nice

I think pretty soon we're going to be amazed to see what other techniques are available.

That is very true. Innovative ideas and designs will fill the world

nice abstracts , science or not the visual results look great

I couldn't agree more. Even without the data behind them, they look great.

Have to admit that a lot of the science part went straight over my head, but the digital art representations are beautiful, they remind me of those optic fibre lights we used to find at decor shops that change colour.

As for the fireplace and door, they work so well with the building, I love that old architecture. Good to read that they restored it back to it's original form.

Have to admit that a lot of the science part went straight over my head,

You're not the only one and I'm glad these were these huge posters in 3 languages, to help us understand what it is shown to us.

There were so many interesting things here, starting from the data representation, to the fireplace and chandelier. I'm glad I was able to visit the exhibition.

It is very interesting how this data is being represented, I wonder if in the evolution of this information we will see at some point these data represented holographically as in the movies.

PS: the building is very nice too 🙂

I'm sure we're going to get there sooner or later, but rather sooner. It's just a matter of time :)


Lol, not quite 😂

The art in science. These are amazing artworks.

The art in presentation or visualization I'd say.

I believe that science and art have always been intertwined, or at least the majority of artists who have made history have relied heavily on science, especially through research and observation. Greetings and thank you for providing such valuable content.

You may be right and you're welcome, I'm glad you like it.

Thank you for posting this @erikah friend!... I found it fascinating to "tour" the exhibit and read your comments... There is definitely a lot of art there, and science of course, but I see a lot of art, and your photos are sensitive to that, nice job... On the other hand, wow... It's something I loved that this is in a restored 19th century building! That makes it divinely timeless I think!

!discovery 33

Yes, indeed the building is old and most of the rooms are painted white as it is used as museum, but there are a few that are restored to their original state as they found the original painting under so many layers. It's history.

@erikah! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @jlinaresp. (3/5)

Interesting. Thanks for the overview.


My pleasure.

Since these paintings were done with the help of technology, I can say that this is a mixture of science and art

Yes, it is both in my opinion too.

Totalmente de acuerdo con lo que piensas de las ultimas pinturas, parecen algún tipo de arte NFT. Una muy buena mezcla de arte contemporáneo con lo magnifico del arte muy manual artesanal de los viejos tiempos.

The marriage between art and science.
It's beautiful 🤩

Though science at most times is difficult to comprehend, I think learning about science is an interesting experience because science is Nature

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