Making art from my photos


This week, my daughter showed me a pretty cool app that uses artificial intelligence to create works of art using photos. It is called Dream and it's available on the App Store and it even has a desktop version at

There are a bunch of different art styles that they offer. I really like the psychedelic style for landscapes and the steampunk style for some of the portraits. The one thing that I don't really like about the app is that it crops your images to fit a phone screen. It sucks when it does this to landscapes because it cuts off so much of the image.

I am going to have to mess with this app a bit more and see what I can create with it from my photos I have taken. I have a lot of portraits from my Civil War trip that could be pretty cool with some of the different effects on them.

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Incredible. I've been seeing a lot of GPT-3 generated 'art' lately from word prompts which have yielded some crazy good results. Of course, the AI needs to be trained with a sufficient repertoire of work to 'draw' inspiration from. I'm excited for where this might lead in the years to come.

I've actually been thinking of how we might leverage our ever growing catalogue of indexed (with metadata on chain) photos to build a some what decentralised image generating AI based on word / sentence prompts. Could be interesting.

Ya, it is crazy what AI can do now. I've been following a project that can make images completely out of nothing using AI. All you do is say what you want in the photo and it generates it and it looks real.

I like the steampunk version, it feels like a mad max style world created with the app.
I use one similar called, it has its own image bank, it has variety of psychedelics effects for images.

That little kid's smiling face is remarkable, it has no worries so far, the best click to after a long time. Bravo!

Ya, I really like the steampunk version as well. They turned out really cool. The image of the child was one that I took while I was living among the Maasai in Tanzania.

What a beautiful experience you have had living with one of the world's renowned tribes. They live their life to the fullest and with their terms very close to nature.

Hello! I've also been using wombo for some of my posts, it's great when you get the hang of the way it works. It's good that you also take advantage of it and even entertain yourself with these creations. These were great, a hug

Thank you. It is pretty fun using technology to enhance your images.

Wow! I can't believe some of these images! You are truly masterful at your craft, and I loved every second of seeing these photo manipulations!


Thanks for the post - I will have to try it out! now :)

It gets pretty fun turning your photos into different works of art.

Great fun, I spent an hour checking out all the options and different shots - and to be honest - I would love to print some of them on my wall ;).

This is awesome dude! You should check out Dall-E 2 also!

That is cool. Technology is getting crazy.

Mint these as NFTs. Easy money. No one needs to know.

I will have to look into it. Some of these could be pretty cool NFTs.

This looks amazing! It's incredible how much technology evolved. Do you know if there is also an android version of the app?

Thanks. I have no idea if there is an android version, but I assume there would be since it's a pretty popular app.

Just read about dream/wombo. Will give it a try.
Have you tried NightCafe before?

Amazing job!! I really enjoyed it!

Truly amazing. I love it when all of your photos combined to one and the result is just mind blowing. The app is doing its job + your creativity. So cool!! 👏😄

i love steampunk style, there is a japanese rock band called Fate Gear that uses this style, they are pretty cool. greetings

Nice, I will have to check them out.

That looks pretty epic man!

That app is amazing @derangedvisions, I have been using it to accompany the fictional stories I have been writing. The artworks it creates can be mind-blowingly good sometimes.

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