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RE: Fun at night - Whoooooo goes there! Owl clicks with Wildlife conservation message

Wow, I am almost lost for words.
The photos of these gorgeous creatures are absolutely brilliant, but the message is just as good if not better.

So was it all worth it- there's no doubt in my mind. I hope there's not in yours!

We need to talk.


@chocolatescorpi Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Will be happy to connect and chat on discord. I am on it by the same user name. I am not online often but will certainly watch out for your message there and respond.

Unfortunately I don't get enough HiveTime as it is these days, so Discord is pretty much 'gathering dust' but if you're happy too, pls check out my website and feel free to friend me on FB or LinkedIn if you prefer
And I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Until then, be well.