The Bad Impact of Rain on Farmers.


Hello Everyone,
Currently, Indonesia is experiencing rain which causes farmers to suffer. Many people have to accept the losses due to their rice fields being flooded. With this kind of weather, of course there will be a decrease in agricultural yields even for prices in the market also experiencing not good.

Some of the pictures I took. They are rice farmers, currently the farmers are saving their rice. Some of the rice has been harvested with good quality. But many of them also fail to enjoy the pleasant agricultural produce. Usually, the maximum rain will occur in Indonesia from December to February and some parts of Indonesia experience wetter anomalies.












CameraEOS 6D
Flash usedNo
Focal length400 mm
Exposure time1/800 s
Aperture5,6 f

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These photos are so cool. I love seeing how people go about their lives all over the world. These types of shots are some of my favorites because I love seeing different cultures and ways of life.

Thank you brother.The farmers here still use the traditional method when harvesting rice. but unfortunately now it has been raining.

'street life' in the rice fields. lovely reportage!
btw - why no close-ups? were you too shy to approach?.. or you just spied them :P


It's too far from them. There is also a flood in the vicinity.

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Thank you so much @dsc-r2cornell

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