Silent Wild Cat

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Hello photography lovers, This weekend I have no plans for a trip. Usually, my wife and I take trips almost every weekend to places that make us special. One of the places we often visit is tourist attractions and restaurants. But this weekend we were going to visit a parent who had a stroke almost 8 years. 8 years is not a short time, but it is a very long time for people who can no longer perform activities like normal people in general. For me, it is very sad.

We had to leave early so that we could have a long time at our parent's house, and before we got there we stopped for a bit at the drink stand. I had to order coffee while sitting with my wife. Something very special is when a kitten approaches me and it's as if the kitten is asking me for food. I can't bear to see the cat living without its owner. In fact, the cats here generally live free and wild. When I stroked his fur, the kitten suddenly fell asleep, even though I didn't feed him.

From a distance, I saw the mother sitting on the floor and watched her young approach me. I tried to take the camera out of the bag and aim at the still silent mother. Not long after, the kitten returned to its mother and I tried to shoot from a distance again. The cat seemed desperate because the food he was looking for was not found, so the kitten and its mother could only stand still and stare at the people walking in front of them.





I also have several house cats that are currently maturing. I continue to care for and feed them so that my pets are healthy and do not get sick easily. Now my cat has grown up and he is very spoiled. He understands when he is hungry and also when he wants to wrestle. My kitten is now 6 months old but sadly doesn't have a partner yet. One of my cats is missing, maybe it was stolen. It's been a long time since a year ago and I really wanted to get the cat back home. If you are curious about my pet, you can see it here

CameraEOS M50
Flash usedNo
F-Stopf/8 mm
Focal Length200 mm
Exposure Time1/120 s
Taken by@anzirpasai

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Oh.... Beautiful photos, cats are wonderful both as pets (they are actually great friends of ours) and for photography.....

Excellent photos, capturing very eloquent gestures....

Sorry to hear about your missing cat... It has happened to me, I have 7 cats and have had 2 go missing since I have had cats with me.... That hurts a lot... :(

When things get complicated I have a phrase to cheer me up: "Life is a cat...". ;-)


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I'm very grateful to you my brother. I hope you and your family are always healthy. Happy weekend.

Lovely photos. So adorable 🥰🐈😻

Thank you so much @itsmiessyonpeakd . How was your weekend?

that direct gaze in the first image... perfect shot!

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Thank you so much @actifraenk . Happy weekend to you guys.

Feral cats have a special place in my heart. I always admire their ability to survive in city environments.

Have you seen the movie Kedi? It's very heartwarming. It was released shortly after one of my cats passed away suddenly from cancer. I cried in the theater.

I've never seen that movie. but it sounds very interesting. how do i get that movie link? I want to download.

You know, I'm not sure, since different countries have their own setups for platforms and streaming services. You will probably have to rent or buy it, but I would say look it up on whatever service you use for downloading movies.

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