A Priceless Beach Diamond

in Photography Lovers2 months ago

Hi photography lovers.

This time I found a diamond that has no price at all, but is very beautiful when used as decoration in all fields. So there's nothing wrong if Aceh has a variety of things, from the sea to the mainland, all of them have very beautiful potential.

So why do I say there is no price, some of the pictures that I have are absolutely worthless, but if this thing is in the hands of a creative person it must have a high price.

From this first picture, you must have an idea to make the material for various kinds of decoration. But I don't have any brilliant ideas in terms of processing ordinary things into extraordinary ones, it's just that I always capture these images that I think are very valuable.

Thank you for those of you who are always faithful to stop by my blog. May god bless us all.



Nice picture and lightning..

Thanks a lot buddy

Awww... A "poetic" series @aceh.potrait friend!... Thanks for sharing!

!discovery 25

Thank you very much, friend, for your support

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yooooo, I must say this is reallllyyy nice. I mean from the framing to the details, this brilliant. nice one @aceh.potrait untitled.gif

Great stuff for macro photography... unfortunately they all turned out pretty dark! Was it in the evening? I think you should return early in the morning and take extra shots with a better lighting. Cheers!

I took it in the afternoon but it made it dark because the effect I created was too dark. Thank you for supporting it