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RE: Ambient Techno

in Music5 months ago

Super cool! I love anything arp/sequence like. Pretty epic reverb too!


I recorded this and uploaded but didn’t really listen to it again until yesterday. Anyway last night I started to build another new patch and will find more time to work on it when I get back from Prague

Keep up the VCV stuff - you've even got me wanting to have a play with it now even though I have 'real' modular. Maybe when I get back from HiveFest!

We’ll that’s a very nice complement. Super duper busy all of a sudden but hope to find time soon to carry on with VCV. To write more about what I learn. I may do a written article soon with soundcloud audio embeds. Slightly different but just as informative.

Plateau is an incredible reverb, I love dialling it down and ramping back up slowly.