Hive Sound Library - Introduction to Sunvox

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Every now and then I stumble upon an app that blows my socks off and this one isn't even new, it's been around for a decade or so but has been
updated frequently over the years. The most recent update was about a week or so ago. I love this app, I've been exploring it for awhile
now and it's very powerful.

In this video I am using the iOS version but you can find it on numerous other platforms from Android to Windows. I got mine for the iPad, iPhone
and the Mac too. I can write music from my phone and continue work on projects on my bigger machines later.

Get it from App Store

I've also got Alexander's Fractal Bits

I think this app will play an important part of my #hivesoundlibrary project.

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Good app
Thanks for sharing

If you do a search on here, there are a few articles going back a few years or so. I love trackers and have been tempted in the past to buy the Polyend Tracker.... but the software versions do pretty much the same kind of stuff

Oh, ok