Hive Sound Library #6 - Sunday’s little jam

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I’ve been playing around today with a microphone I’ve borrowed which led down the path of trying out a vocoder app, that was a lot of fun but I’ve not got it working today quite as I’d like. It takes a bit of practice and I want to figure out how I’d use it for the library.

In the end I began playing with some ideas on the ipad for musical pieces and I’m going to share those with you here. Now these aren’t loops to be honest, but short performance as with sequencers, saved MIDI sequences I’ve created in the past channeled through different instruments and effects.

Quite often in my AUM projects on any other DAW for that matter, though AUM isn’t one as such, you can configure it in a modular kind of way, to do whatever you want, it’s flexibility is different and I find it less inhibiting, therefore more like a free flowing musical instrument, it’s hard to explain but it’s liberating as a piece of software.

I create a session, set up a recording and jam away, then I’ll record some other takes and come up with different variations, which means I’ll share those here.

NameTypeIPFS Link
Sunday iPad Jam, check it out!Percussive and melodicLink
Second jam of the dayMelodicLink


About the Hive Sound Library

How to download the samples?

I'll be honest that I'm not sure, I am learning on the-fly regarding how IPFS works and especially NFT Storage which uses the technology to host a fully decentralised file store. We can access the content via HTTP or IPFS if you have the tools installed to do so.

This section will be repeated as a regular piece of footer content for all future posts in this series and I'll update it as the project unfolds.

UPDATE: 2rd March - I did find a way yesterday on the desktop version of Chrome. If you see a play transport that looks like this


You can click on the vertical elipsis to reveal a download link but on some other browsers, it's not presented this way.

Will these be minted as NFTs on Blocktunes?

Yes, absolutely, that is all part of the plan. I am in the process of building up my $MUSIC layer 2 tokens in order to be whitelisted and then shall gradually mint the sample loops and full tracks. The details I will reveal in due course.

How often will the library be updated?

In theory, daily, that is the aim. I tend to post no more than two posts a day and for these, I would post one a day. However when other people join the project, you can of course post one each a day and gradually this process will gain momentum. We could later introduce run curation posts. If you've been following me in the past you may know that I've written some #followfriday posts much like #steevc is famous for! Contributors to the #hivesoundlibrary will be featured in those posts when I start them up again.

Can other people add to the library?

Eventually yes, not just yet but please let me know if this interests you. I might invite some people to begine with.

Will there be a community of it's own?

Probably not, Blocktunes works well for us.

What sort of sounds are we looking for?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Electronic sounds derived from synths, drum machines, chord progressions, sequenced or composed, samples maybe but have to be our own creations, not from existing sample libraries. Otherwise copyright becomes a huge problem.
  • Accoustic instruments, guitar licks, riffs, chord progressions
  • Found sounds, one of my favourite things and this is where samples are ok. Makes drums out of old pots and pans, record and boom!
  • Sounds of nature
  • Sounds of the city
  • Exotic sounds

Tagging posts

All posts will be tagged with #hivesoundlibrary so that we can find stuff again

Useful tools, apps and the things I use for creating these sounds/loops/seqeunces etc

  • NFTUp for uploading files to
  • AUM
  • Cubasis 3
  • Other desert cities by Audiodamage - the tape delay effect I love plus many more
  • Sunrizer synth
  • Playbeat 3
  • Audioshare
  • Rymdigare
  • Piano Motifs
  • Copperhead
  • Ason 2
  • FAC Drumkit
  • Atom 2

I'll add to this list with each post, lots of great apps

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Awesome stuff. We can see this growing into something big. Keep us posted!

Thanks and that’s my hope. I’m looking at ways I can catalogue the audio library. So I’m going to create some posts that list types of audio clips, such as drums in one, city sounds in another and add links to these in each new post.

I wish you success on getting this tune minted as NFT on blocktunes.
This must have been a lot of work for real.
I wish you success man!

Thanks it’ll take time to reach that point. Writing these posts gradually accumulates the tokens I need

Oh I see.
I wish you speedy success.
Have a great day pal


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