Notes for the forests

in Musiclast year (edited)

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Just a little video for all the forests out there.

To make the video took a little bit of tweaking of the particles code I had set up to make it look like the burn is
propagating and starting from the point of collision of the torch/sigarette. Next time I'll try and look for the
precise collision point but I don't mind how this came out.

Fire is fascinating and I used to be so drawn and obsessed with when I was little. But the age we live in is
an harsh one and for how much little me making fire would I account I prefer the digital safety now.
Maybe is just all fear but who knows wich fire will be the drop that breaks the camel's back.

Stay safe and have a goodweekend!

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Very interesting way of voicing your concerns. I think it's great.

Thank you for your appreaciation for weird ways ahah

There's always a place in my heart for weird ways.

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