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RE: Artificial intelligence creates new music for dead artists.

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Great article, I was just looking at the quality of deep fakes lately and how realistic they have become, it looks possible that in the future when these too technologies merge they will end celebraty as we know it today, as more deep fakes of dead actor, actresses, musicians and singers become easier and cheaper to replicate. Really enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing


This is an interesting future, but a little worrisome because the quality of the projects may be low due to possible high replications.

Really enjoyed reading, thanks for sharing.


Yes it sure is, it is very important that we all keep on eye on where things are going, not only to say ahead of the game but also to make sure that developers do not abuse these technological advance in a way that would hinder mankind, however I believe that if the right people with the right mindset take advantage of these advances now, we could see great things happen and a brighter healthier future could certainly be possible, one where disabilities and disease could be eradicated, for this to be achieved we need to make sure that greedy big pharma doesn't get their hands on this technology otherwise it will only be the select few who will benefit, their needs to be some way of maybe decentralizing this technology so that it could be free and used for the good of all. That is my hope, but who knows what the future holds